Too much admin getting in the way of the strategic stuff is one of the most frequent complaints heard in HR circles – especially when it come to boosting productivity and engagement.

Employees are becoming increasingly demanding and expect instant answers to everything: from how much annual leave they have left to what the procedure is for reporting in sick. Managers have equally high expectations that the HR team will be able to click their fingers and instantly come up with the data they need to support business decisions and lead their team effectively.

Using HR technology to boost productivity and engagement in your growing business Cezanne HR blog

While HR are undoubtedly under pressure, the truth is that the technology to help them deal with the growing demands on their time is readily available.

Here’s a list of how technology can boost productivity and engagement in your company:

Automate key processes

Basic HR admin can take up an inordinate amount of time. There are holiday requests to process, employee data to be updated, appraisals to be chased. A surprising number of companies still manage these basic HR processes across multiple spreadsheets, leading to unnecessary duplication and creating huge potential for error.

The latest HR software solutions – such as Cezanne HR – can make these necessary but onerous processes so much easier. They put all the basic people-related data in one central place, making it easy to keep everything up-to-date and allowing access to the information you need at the click of a mouse.

Provide timely reminders

We all have so much information thrown at us on a daily basis that it can be difficult to keep up with what needs to be done.

A good HR software solution that includes performance management software, however, is a bit like having a virtual assistant to help you keep on top of everything. It will issue reminders when performance appraisals are due, for example and alert you when the next stage of your absence management policy needs to swing into action with a particular employee.

Most systems allow managers to manage these core HR processes themselves, making it easier for them to effectively lead their teams and taking the burden away from HR.

Encourage people to become self-sufficient

Software solutions that offer employee self-service are not just invaluable to managers, they are also generally welcomed with open arms by employees themselves. It means they can keep their own personal data up-to-date and can see at-a-glance how much holiday they have left.

The latest generation of employee self service HR systems often have approval processes built in, so there’s no need for people to wait for days while holiday request forms get circulated between managers and HR. The system simply generates an email and the manager can log in, check whether anyone else in the team is on leave at the same time, and issue an authorisation or refusal quickly and easily.

HR analytics

Spending hours pulling together management reports for departments or the board isn’t the best use of HR’s time and certainly won’t help boost productivity and engagement! But there’s no need to trawl through masses of documentation, hound people for information or waste time making sure data is up-to-date.

The latest HR software systems that include advanced analytics house all people related information in one central place, making it easy to pull off the data you need when you need it. Big data, HR facts and figures can be presented in accessible graphs or charts, making it easy for people to digest the details and make more informed decisions about everything from recruitment and training to salaries.

Social Collaboration

We live in an increasingly collaborative world and yet many companies still operate in departmental silos. HR software solutions such as Cezanne HR help companies break down the boundaries by providing a central place where employees can share ideas and work together on projects.

These shared portals and workspaces make it easier for people to connect, to find answers to questions and to work with others to generate new and exciting ideas. They open the door to a more energised and collaborative workforce, where everyone knows where the company is headed and has a better understanding of the role they play within the bigger picture.

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