After publishing last month’s list of five of our favourite HR blogs, we couldn’t shake the feeling that we’d missed some out – five just wasn’t enough! With so many excellent sources of HR know-how and think-pieces, written by passionate and knowledgeable contributors, a second instalment of our favourite HR blogs was inevitable. Here are five MORE blogs that every HR professional should read:


Exploring “the crossroads of Talent + Culture” (and beyond), TalentCulture does exactly what it says on the tin. Articles are penned across six different categories (e.g. HR Technology, Social Learning, and Talent Management) by some of our favourite HR gurus (and tweeters), including Kevin W. Grossman (co-founder), Mark Lukens, Deidre Paknad, Meghan M. Biro (co-founder), as well as a smattering of vendors. Not technically a blog but equally compelling, elsewhere on the site you’ll find #TChat Radio, which broadcasts discussion shows live online, and #TChat Twitter, a Twitter discussion forum for all things relating to the ‘world of work.’

HR Gem

Don’t let the pared-down look put you off – HR Gem is a sophisticated and regularly updated HR blog. Independently run by UK-based CIPD Fellow and healthcare HRD, Gemma Reucroft, HR Gem addresses HR hot topics and news, such as the recent LMA text messaging scandal, employee engagement, and social media in the workplace, with a distinctly personal voice. Gemma not only imparts her thoughts on various subjects in her posts, but relates her thinking to her wealth of professional and personal experience, which makes for some fascinating reading – and no chance of finding sentiment rehashed from hundreds of other blogs, which can all-to-often be the case.

HR Bartender

If your list of favourite things features HR and food, then aside from being a perfect cultural fit for Cezanne HR, you’re also bound to be a big fan of HR Bartender. Oh-so-wittily subtitled ‘Work Responsibly’, HR Bartender was created by US HR pro-turned-consultant and foodie Sharlyn Lauby, and aptly takes its name from the profession that is traditionally associated with a friendly smile, open ears, and safe and warm environment (at least in the States anyway). The regularly updated blog, which features a mix of personal opinion and sponsored content, addresses key HR issues as they develop, often from a people and welfare perspective. And, whilst you’re on the site, be sure to have a look at the excellent selection of free resources available to download.

Fistful of Talent

We love Fistful of Talent’s sense of humour in its description of itself as “like the HR Capitalist but without all the boring HR stuff like legal issues and employee relations tactics – just the sexy stuff.” As you would expect from a description like this, FOT is bursting with personality across the borad range of topics addressed in blog posts. The site attracts content from the brightest and best in the US (Steve Boese and William Tincup to name just two). In addition to written posts from regular contributors and sponsered vendors, there are videos and podcasts, all of which are divided into numerous categories, including Culture, Recruiting, Leadership, and Social Media – all composed by expert contributors who know their stuff.


Based upon the author’s belief (stemming from over 15 years’ professional experience) that HR needs to focus “on organisational need more than alleged HR best practice,” Change-Effect is a must-visit destination for HR professionals who are bored of reading generic ‘top tips’ articles. Written by UK HR veteran Neil Morrison, blog posts are topical, personal, thought-provoking, and grounded in years of experience, attracting lively discussion in the comment section. Looking for something on a particular topic? Choose one of eight sub-categories, which include Education, Performance, Talent, and Resourcing. Not sure where to start? Try an article from the ‘Random’ category.

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Sue Lingard

Sue studied Personnel Management at the London School of Economics before taking on management roles in the travel, recruitment and finally HR software industry. She's particularly interested in how technologies enable HR teams - and the people they support - to work better together.