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Sue Lingard

Why did we pick AWS to host our HR software service?


When we first started to develop the Cezanne HR system, we had five key objectives – objectives that we still hold to today. The first was to develop a great HR software system that meets the real needs of today’s HR professionals, and the people and organisations they support. The second was put our clients […]

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Curbing business costs, not HR services

business costs

It’s the time of year when many HR teams find themselves under pressure to bring down costs – and commit to making limited budgets stretch even further. Faced with demands to reduce spending, it may feel as if the easiest option is to abandon the new initiatives you’ve got planned for the year ahead. You […]

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Planning for Brexit: Three things HR should do right now

skills shortage

Teresa May has said that in her view “Brexit is Brexit,” but what that will look like, and when it will happen, is far from clear! This presents HR with unique challenges: helping employees deal with uncertainty today, and equipping the company to plan for the future. Whatever the outcome of the negotiations, it seems […]

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HR Analytics: From zero to hero in 5 easy steps!

hr analytics

I recently came across the definition of HR analytics on the CIPD website, and it left me thinking that I’d need a degree in applied maths to even begin to get my head around it. Does “the application of mathematical, statistical and data mining techniques” really fit in with what HR is all about? The […]

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When should your holiday year start?

holiday years

I came across an interesting debate on LinkedIn this week on the pros and cons of starting the holiday absence year at different periods of the year. Since it’s topic we often discuss with our customers, we thought we’d pitch in with our views—and some insight into how the Cezanne HR system can help make managing […]

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