One-third of people would accept a pay cut if it meant that they could work from home, according to the results of Cezanne HR’s recent survey questioning attitudes to working from home.

The survey asked respondents whether they would move to another job for less money if it meant they could work from home.

66% said that a pay cut is too big a price to pay for such a privilege, but 34% decided that the flexibility to work from home can be as valuable as higher pay.

The results reflect an ongoing shift towards remote working, as software enables staff to stay in-touch with employers when they are not in the office.

Reasons for preferring working from home included seeking out a working environment with less interruptions, an easier commute, and the ability to establish a healthy work-life balance.

Other respondents commented that the ability to work from home would allow them to spend more time with their family as well as manage the stress that often comes with a high-pressure job.

With the results in, Cezanne is now looking through the findings to see how attitudes to working from home differ between places in Britain and the rest of Europe, as well as assessing whether age is a defining factor when taking a stance on this topic.

Look out for further results and analysis in the new year.

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