One-third of people would consider moving to a lower paying  job in order to gain the flexibility to work from home.

That’s according to the results of our latest HR industry survey.

would you move to a lower paying job if you could work from home

The survey which questioned people living in Europe found that significant volumes of respondents were willing to sacrifice salary for more freedom to choose where to work.

The UK is leading the way in terms of choosing flexibility over salary where almost 40% of people questioned said they would answer ‘yes’ to the survey question.


The results varied greatly amongst UK regions, with those in the North West and East Midlands most likely to want to work from home, with almost 50% answering ‘yes’. This is in stark contrast to responses from Scotland, where 90% of those who answered said they would choose salary over home-working.


France and Italy also saw significant numbers of respondents choosing flexibility over salary, with one-third of French respondents answering ‘yes’ and a quarter of Italians closely behind them.

European attitudes towards working from home

The results of our survey suggest that flexible home-working is becoming an important consideration for workers in Europe, and with a growing industry of cloud-based software providers we expect to see this topic becoming the focus of further debate for the months and years to come.

To view and share the results of our survey please follow the link below to our full infographic.

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