It’s back to ‘business as usual’ this week as the last in the cluster of spring bank holidays has come and gone (we have to wait until August for the next one) – or at least for a month or so until the summer holiday season starts. People up and down the country are no doubt putting their arithmetic skills to the test in working out how much holiday entitlement they have left, and how they’re going to ration it all the way through to next year.

But before those holidays can be booked, sun cream applied, and airport novels dog-eared, HR first need to determine how much holiday each employee is entitled to – which is sometimes easier said than done.

Calculating holiday entitlement for a full-time worker who starts in the middle of the year is pretty straightforward. Most HR professionals probably have a spreadsheet that does it for them.

But what about someone who only works Monday to Thursday? Or a shortened day? Irregular hours? A compressed week? Does the spreadsheet handle those as well?

We have encountered so many organisations who are giving their employees too little or too much holiday because of the complexity of these calculations.

your HR system should handle this for you, both for new starters, and on an ongoing basis, year after year.

In the Cezanne OnDemand system, setting up the rules is a one-off task, which our ‘Getting Started’ guide will step you through when you first set up the system.

When you hire someone new, our system will take you through some simple steps, including entering their working pattern (usually by picking a template from a library) and assigning them to the standard holiday plan.

The system will do the rest for you – you will never have to manually calculate anything, and you certainly don’t need to use that spreadsheet again.

And did you know that if part-time workers don’t work on Mondays (when most bank holidays occur), they could easily fall below the legal minimum entitlement of 28 days pro-rated?

This could also happen, even to a full-time worker, if they start after June, when the main cluster of bank holidays has passed.

Cezanne OnDemand can easily be configured to check this for you and make the necessary adjustment to make sure you are legal. Once its setup, everything is automatic, and you don’t need to do anything more.

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