If you are using our performance module, we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s pretty sophisticated.

With Cezanne HR, you can build a form using objectives, competencies and questions – all of which can be scored using your own rating system, but sometimes sophistication comes at a price: more effort for you the HR Administrator to set it all up.

One such example is where you want to tailor the competencies that an employee will see on their form according to the individual’s role (job-based competency reviews). This would give a much more relevant and useful appraisal than one which uses generic competencies across the whole organisation.
But it would be a nightmare if you had to set up a different form for every distinct role that you have – this could mean tens or even hundreds of forms.

Cezanne OnDemand addresses this with Job Competency Profiles. You set up a collection (or profile) of competencies for each of your jobs.
Then you have to make sure that each employee is assigned to a job (this may be something you did when you first uploaded your data anyway).

Now you can attach a ‘Job Competency Profile Ratings’ section to your form, and one form should be enough. When each person’s appraisal is created, the system will pull through the competencies from their job and automatically build a personalised form.

Even better news – next year there will be even less work to do. If anyone has moved job during the year, next year’s form will automatically pull through the competencies for the new job.

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John Hixon

Chief Operating Officer

With over twenty years’ experience under his belt in the HCM Tech industry, Cezanne HR’s Chief Operating Officer John Hixon has been a driving force behind the company’s meteoric rise. From ambitious start-up to one of the leading SaaS HR brands, over the past ten years, John has been instrumental in developing an HRIS platform that brings people and businesses together.