We get really great feedback about the employee calendar in Cezanne HR, especially because the personalised views mean that everyone can get to the information they need really fast. However, we’ve had ambitions to make it even more useful!

We’re especially delighted to announce that with the latest update, we’ve added new capabilities that customers have suggested – and we hope they will enjoy.

Rather than just displaying the information you’d expect an HR system to track – for example, who’s on holiday, off sick, away on parental leave, or on sabbaticals or training – Cezanne HR’s calendar can now show just about anything.

calendar events

Have a company away day or kick off meeting planned that everyone should know about? Want to see who’s working from home, in another office, travelling on business, or allocated to a project so it’s easier to make decisions about resourcing? Not a problem, you can choose to allow them to be entered and displayed in Cezanne HR’s calendar.

As with everything in Cezanne HR, we’ve not taken a one-size-fits-all approach. For example, company events can be set to display for only the employees in that company, so you aren’t updating everyone’s calendar with unnecessary information. And, line managers can be allowed to add information on behalf of their team members, or employees can do it for themselves.

If you are already using Cezanne HR, let us know what you think of the new features. If you’re not, and you’d like to find out how Cezanne HR will help you manage your people better, just get in touch.

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Sue Lingard

Sue studied Personnel Management at the London School of Economics before taking on management roles in the travel, recruitment and finally HR software industry. She's particularly interested in how technologies enable HR teams - and the people they support - to work better together.