Like many organisations, we sometimes find communication difficult. Something that sounds so simple can be pretty challenging to keep on top. Not only do I have a list as long as my arm to get through, but my department is also focused on specific projects. This can lead to tunnel vision and risk us pulling in different directions as a business. We saw the need to open up the channels of communication between teams, and found a perfect solution in our own HR workspaces.

As a company, one of our focuses is on enabling the digital workplace. This is reflected with many of us working flexi-time or remotely, both in the UK and globally. This can make the traditional face-to-face meeting a bit of a counter-productive struggle. Trying to get everyone in the same room or even on the same call – can almost be impossible. By channeling our communications through our own HR system, we have made communication more immediate and more inclusive.

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Multiple Workspaces

Our first step was to set up spaces which reflected the focus of the different teams in the business. Each space is managed by the department, but also provides everyone access to share updates, news and ideas. By sharing regular updates, we can see what is actually happening in our business and where. However, we have not just used this as a one-way information dump—like the company newsletter of old. Since workspaces let us add comments to each post, we can also engage with each other. For example: to share feedback from prospects, say thanks to a colleague, and ask for input on new initiatives.

A Broader Perspective

This crowd-sourcing approach lets us apply our collective experience to a wide range of issues. It’s helping to break down communication barriers between departments; co-ordinate activities across the business. A HR related issue raised in the media for instance may push a development in the product. It can also now become a thought leadership article our support team or marketing team can share. By having these forums it makes sure that everyone in the company has a voice.

However, it is not all work, work, work. We also have spaces for our social activities, and organising things like the very important Christmas party.

Lessons learnt

We’d been using Cezanne HR’s workspaces for a while to share key documents as well as company news, but this more collaborative approach took a little time to take off. The champions were really important in making this happen. They provided the necessary nudge, and supported each other with ideas. Everyone has been encouraged to spend five minutes a day reviewing what’s been posted (the daily email digest is helpful here), and thinking about how they can contribute.

As one of the Cezanne HR employees that works remotely, I’m really enjoying the new visibility I’ve gained over the rest of our business. It’s made it simple for me to share ideas and get feedback. Seems to me that we’re much more connected already, and I’m looking forward to the collaborations and new ideas that will to come out from it.


You can read more about Cezanne’s HR Portal & Workspaces on our website, or hit the Book a Demo button to get in contact with one of our product specialists.

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Sam Harden