If you are already using our HR software, Cezanne HR, I’m sure that you’ve discovered the HR portal and workspace area of the system. It’s a popular feature with many of our clients, making it really easy to centrally – and securely – store company policies and procedures. It comes with an activity feed to keep employees up to date with the latest new, and notifications that help ensure important information doesn’t get overlooked.

Feel the force…

However, have you realised just how powerful your Cezanne HR portal is when it comes to communicating with different groups of employees, wherever they are in the world?

Here are some of the features of Cezanne’s HR portal that you may not know about.

Think global: act local

A simple one-size-fits-all HR portal works fine if the information is relevant to everyone. However, for many companies this isn’t enough. They’ve multiple offices, often in multiple countries, and need to share different documents, with different groups of employees, in different legislative environments and in different languages.

Cezanne HR was built to address this challenge. It lets you quickly and easily set up as many different workspaces (or HR portals) as you need, each designed for a different audience, with different content and in different languages if required.

As a reminder, Cezanne HR is already available in English (UK & US), Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Turkish, Portuguese and Romanian. And, there is nothing to stop you setting up your workspaces titles and content in other languages. The system even supports non-western character sets, so can cope with displaying your workspace title or posts to the activity feed in Mandarin or Greek!

Connect with your ready-made audience

Since Cezanne HR already ‘knows’ where your employees are based – and controls their access to the system based on the roles you’ve given them – it’s really easy for you to link the right people to the right portals. You can even create separate portals for different groups of employees; perhaps to share information with line managers about recent legislative changes they need to be aware of, or to connect a group of employees across multiple locations to facilitate discussions on company-wide initiatives.

As well as securely storing the documents in the local language, you can also use the activity feed in each workspace to make local announcements, provide links to local benefit and pension providers and provide formatted pages of information.

While you have access to all of the portals, employees only see the portals that you’ve invited them to join, so there is no danger of confusion – or of people feeling that they are missing out.

Break down barriers

As the HR portal administrator, you aren’t restricted to just including employees from a specific location or country. You can invite others to join workspaces, perhaps to facilitate discussions on relocations policies, career development initiatives, internal promotions or a host of other company-wide initiatives, across a group of employees and managers in multiple locations.

You’ll also have the option to share or delegate administration rights, so you can let someone else help out with monitoring content or keeping news and documents up to date.

Get noticed

When portals are set up, you can decide whether an email notification is always sent out, or employees can decide to opt out. That way, employees can ensure they are made aware when important information is updated, but won’t get swamped by news from workspaces that may not be so critical.

International HR portal

Creating workspaces for each country is just one example of how our international clients are using Cezanne HR’s integrated portal. Others are have set up workspaces for each office location to share information on new shops and restaurants opening in the area, and the latest social gathering.

Why not let us know how you are using HR portals in your business. Or, read how we are using it in our own company to support a new communication and change initiative.

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John Hixon

Chief Operating Officer

With over twenty years’ experience under his belt in the HCM Tech industry, Cezanne HR’s Chief Operating Officer John Hixon has been a driving force behind the company’s meteoric rise. From ambitious start-up to one of the leading SaaS HR brands, over the past ten years, John has been instrumental in developing an HRIS platform that brings people and businesses together.