There has never been a better time to be in HR. The vital role that good people management plays in business success now clearly acknowledged. As an HR practitioner, you form the vital link between the aspirations of the company and those of its employees. You help find, engage, develop, direct and retain the people needed to drive performance and deliver results.

It is also a hugely diverse role, offering the opportunity for you to join via a range of different routes, and take your career in a multitude of different directions. You can opt to follow a generalist role and take on a wide range of HR-related activities, or choose a more specialist route. Perhaps to apply your communication and social media skills to employer branding and recruitment, match your mathematical talents with HR analytics, capitalise on your mentoring skills by focusing on employee development, or apply your technical understanding to helping companies successfully implement and capitalise on the latest HR software.

Find out what’s it really like to work in HR

We asked HR practitioners what they liked best about working in HR, the skills you need, and the routes to getting started. The answers they gave we really honest, and we hope will give you a real insight into whether HR is the career for you.

View this infographic to discover:

  • The good and the bad of working in HR
  • The critical skills you need
  • How to get into HR
  • What salary could earn
  • Where you can study HR

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