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Sara Hultgren

Sara is an Experienced Marketing Manager with demonstrated history of working in the (re)insurance and other b2b industries. Sara's also highly skilled in website management, content marketing and digital distribution.

What is Britain's ideal office?

What is Britain’s ideal office?

What is your ideal office? An environment where you’re free to create and work with minimal supervision or a micromanaged space with constant instructions? How about casual attire and subsidised gym memberships? The ideal office is different for everyone, but […]

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What GDPR means for HR: A Roundup Cezanne HR Blog

What GDPR means for HR: A Roundup

What GDPR means for HR: a roundup in summary The blog provides a comprehensive overview of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its implications for HR departments. It discusses key aspects of GDPR compliance, including data protection principles, employee […]

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Employees trust HR systems

Is it time to take your HR processes online? In a recent survey of adults in full-time employment, we found that amazingly 70% of employees are still either asking for their holiday verbally, or through email requests and paper-forms. That’s […]

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