While many of us are closing up shop until 2017, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still be preparing for the year to come. Here are a few of our most viewed blogs from 2016 – covering everything from success in HR and Brexit, to performance reviews and flexible working.

1. Are you considering a career in HR?


hr-career-infographicWe asked HR practitioners what they like best about working in HR, the skills needed, and the best ways to get started. We made an infographic with the results, and it was our most visited blog of the year!


2. Planning for Brexit: 3 things HR should do right now


Brexit was one of the over-arching themes of 2016. The thing is, we still don’t know what will come of it—especially when it comes to legislation. Here are some tips to plan for ambiguity, as well as Brexit.


3. Setting yourself up for HR success in 2016


In January, we gave you some tips on how to raise your profile with both management and employees—and set yourself up for success. How did you get on? Did you manage to network more? Or find time to focus on your well-being?


4. Are performance reviews going the way of the dodo?


Performance reviews have had a lot of attention this year. Are they staying? Are they going? It’s safe to say that if nothing else, performance management is an evolving sector.


5. Five new TED Talks we love

Following the popularity of our previous TED Talks roundup blogs, we found 5 new inspiring and motivational speakers to help you improve the way you think about work.


6. HR Analytics: From zero to hero


Analysing your HR data does not need to be an impossible mathematical feat. Using a few simple tips, and your HR system, you can get the most out of your organisation’s HR data.


7. Five reasons your business needs to embrace flexible working


flexible woEven though “working from home” and “flexible working” get a lot of press, they still aren’t common practice in most organisations. But in reality, giving these options to your employees can help improve engagement.

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