A selection of some of the best and brightest HR blogs out there this year…

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Neil Morrison has been working in HR for 20 years, which probably makes him more than qualified to write an HR blog. He was previously Group HR Director for Penguin Random House, and is now HR Director at Severn Trent.

Neil’s interest lies in organisational success, and how people play a role in it. His blog covers topics such as career, education, performance and technology.

Highlights include: when corporate culture goes bad and 8 steps to customer service, the ASOS way

HR Zone

For those who don’t know, HRZone is a fantastic online HR publication, edited by Jamie Lawrence and Becky Norman. Updated almost daily, the site covers a variety of topics, such as workplace gender equality, employee engagement, and building business efficiency.

Highlights: how the role of women has changed in the workplace and my war on OCD

Acas blog

The Acas blog takes on everything from the impact of recent or upcoming legislation to employee relations, conflict management and health and wellbeing, relating their expertise in a friendly and informative manner. Helpful for HR who are walking a tightrope between business and employee needs – this blog may be a welcome guide.

Highlights: Steph Calvert: Understanding transgender and non-binary gender identities

Paul Beard: GDPR is coming for you!

Robertson Cooper

As the authors describe it, this blog is simply “business psychologists leading the wellness conversation to create good days at work”. The blog is all about wellness and well-being at work, subjects the founders are well versed in. Professor Sir Cary Cooper is Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health at Lancaster University and a world leading expert in on wellbeing. Professor Ivan Robertson is professor of organisational psychology at Leeds University Business School.

Highlights: Staying engaged in a rapidly growing business and food, family and festivities: rediscovering your wellbeing at Christmas time

I’m Hired

This one is my personal favourite since many of my friends are currently job-hunting and hating it – I love how empathetic this author (Imogen) is to how utterly hopeless and dispiriting the job search can be. I’m Hired is the career advice site sorely needed in this era of demoralising job searches. Imogen has been working in recruitment since she left school so knows a thing or two about what recruiters look for. Her blog also covers general work-related topics such as the 5 types of work colleagues at Christmas.

Highlights include: what career suits you? Finding the perfect career and CV layouts

Cezanne HR

No list of HR bloggers would be complete without a mention of Erika Lucas, experienced HR author, editor of the Ashridge blog, and the main contributor to Cezanne HR’s own weekly blog.  Head over to https://cezannehr.com/hr-blog/ and check out topical HR articles, workplace tips and hints, and technology news. The blog also covers updates to the Cezanne HR system, so watch this space: exciting new features are coming soon…

Highlights: GDPR: building a culture of responsibility and 5 reasons you should be doing back-to-work interviews

Kris Dunn

US blogger, Kris Dunn is Chief Human Resources Officer and Partner at Kinetix, a recruitment and outsourcing specialist Kriss believes in reducing HR admin and maximising business results. Kris manages two HR blogs, one HR Capitalist which is all about business success, and the other Fistful of Talent which covers HR, recruiting, and talent.

Highlights include:

HR Capitalist – Sit down old people – I’d hire you, but you’re not “Digitally Native”…

Fistful of Talent – Ideas are worthless without execution

HR Bartender

Sheryl Lauby’s blog is so called because she feels that in her role as an HR executive, she is her employees’ friendly neighbourhood bartender: there for people when they need her, to ‘listen, laugh with you, occasionally offer advice and, when you need it, give the encouragement to go out and make stuff happen’. She mixes up sponsored articles with her own insights, so the site covers topics that relate generally to the workplace rather than being purely HR focused. Areas covered include: career development; employee engagement; strategy and planning; well-being and wellness. She also throws in the odd food recipe from time to time!

Highlights: Making company culture more than a rah rah activity and how to resign from your job properly

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Sue Lingard

Sue studied Personnel Management at the London School of Economics before taking on management roles in the travel, recruitment and finally HR software industry. She's particularly interested in how technologies enable HR teams - and the people they support - to work better together.