The UK’s drawn out negotiations to exit from the EU has certainly disproved the old adage ‘good things come to those who wait’.

It’s been over three years since the referendum, and as the date of the planned exit draws nearer and with the PM suspending parliament, a no-deal Brexit looks to be on the cards.

The word Brexit in Google's fontThe continued uncertainty surrounding the current government’s plans, or the wider impact of a no-deal or ‘hard’ Brexit on the UK economy, makes it especially difficult for HR teams to prepare. How do you reassure existing EU employees about their continued right to work in the UK, or plan for business continuity and growth in the face of new border controls and the inevitable delay while new trade agreements are negotiated.

Here are five recently-published articles that may help:

What do employers need to do about ‘no-deal’ Brexit?

Concerned about the status of your employees in the event of a no-deal Brexit? This useful guide by the CIPD clearly outlines how you can best support the UK-based EU citizens you employ, your UK employees working in EU member states and what steps to take after October 31st. 

Boris in number 10 – Hard Brexit likelihood grows

This short article from the HR Director looks at how offering greater flexible working could be vital for employers overcoming staff shortages as the result of an ‘inevitable’ hard Brexit. The article encourages organisations to look for creative ways to secure their workforce and suggests that flexible working could be part of the solution.

HR needs more help to prepare for no-deal Brexit says CBI

The CBI has warned HR teams to reach out to those employees whose right of work may be affected when Brexit happens. Their report ‘What comes next? The business analysis of no-deal preparations’ puts forward 200 recommendations for businesses, the UK government and the EU to help soften the blow of a no-deal scenario. To save you trawling through the 128-page document, this article from People Management picks out some useful information.

How will personal data continue to flow after Brexit

Currently personal data is able to flow freely between companies in the UK and the EU without any special measures. However, in the event of ‘no deal’ withdrawal, EU legislation requires that additional measures are put in place by UK companies where personal data is transferred from the EEA to the UK. In this blog post, Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham explains the how the ICO is helping businesses prepare for a hard Brexit.

Priti confusing? Managing sudden immigration changes

Last week, Home Secretary Priti Patel said she’s planning to put an end to freedom of movement for EU nationals as soon as the UK leaves the EU – a decision which has caused controversy. Immigration law expert Simon Kenny looks behind the headlines and offers some advice. 

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