Performance management is a key HR activity for most businesses, but how it’s administered can vary greatly between organisations.

Businesses managing performance via paper-based processes or spreadsheets, or standalone performance systems are missing out on the advantages of having performance as part of wider HR systems. Choosing a performance management system that is part of your main HR system is the best way to achieve a comprehensive view of your workforce, making HR-related tasks easier for HR, managers and staff.

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Unrivaled flexibility

Cezanne HR offers a highly configurable performance management solution that enables a comprehensive approach to performance management, supporting annual reviews as well as continuous performance management via frequent check-in conversations. The module also includes a goals section, to record goals and easily monitor progress.

Customers can have multiple appraisal processes and forms, they can choose their own rating scales and weight scoring, and have different participants for different processes – including peer review/multi-rater feedback. The timing of appraisals is also configurable, and can be tailored to the business’ needs; for example, performance reviews could be kicked-off by HR monthly, quarterly, half yearly, or yearly, etc.

Simpler administration

With all your HR data in one place, managing the performance management process is infinitely simpler. Data about employees and their reporting relationships only needs to be defined once – so you won’t need to worry about data duplication, accidentally missing employees out because they’ve only recently joined, or broken reporting relationships when managers change roles. The existing employee record is simply augmented with the relevant performance data as reviews, check ins, goals etc. are added.

Ensuring performance reviews stay on track is simpler too. If you were to have the People, Performance and Absence modules, HR could, for instance, easily go between these modules in a person’s record to determine if a performance review has been delayed due to a manager or employee being on annual leave. Being able to make connections between these different data points makes it much easier for HR to administer performance management processes for the business.

A more complete view

Choosing Cezanne HR’s Performance module (in addition to the core People module) delivers a well-rounded picture of your workforce in one system that you can’t achieve with standalone performance management software.

HR professionals with full admin rights can use Cezanne HR to see all data held on an individual by searching for that person and then viewing their Cezanne HR record. This comprehensive view doesn’t just benefit HR, it also helps managers and staff alike.

Cezanne HR also enables line managers to view their direct employees’ records. So if performance reviews are coming up, the manager can look at performance related information, such as any check-in conversations they might have had with that employee, what goals have been set, notes from the last performance review, how long the person has been in the role, etc.

They can also view records on the employee’s compensation history, training, absences (with the Absence module) and more. Having all this information easily to hand contributes to much more informed and productive performance conversations with employees.

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The Performance module allows employees to easily keep track of what they’ve previously agreed with their manager, and make updates as appropriate. This ease of access to information empowers employees to be more proactive and involved with their own performance management.

If you don’t already have a digital solution for performance management, or your current performance software isn’t part of a more comprehensive HR system, why not request a demonstration of Cezanne HR today to discover a more efficient way to administer performance management in your organisation.

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