Keeping up with the latest HR news and trends can be hard, especially when you’re busy tackling everyday HR admin and creating strategies to better support your workforce.

We’ve all been guilty of leaving that research report we’ve bookmarked to read, sitting there for days on end. Luckily, there are many webinars that summarise the latest findings in the HR field, along with recommendations from lessons learnt. As most webinars are also recorded, you can watch them on-demand if you’re unavailable during the live sessions.

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This list of recent webinars can help you stay up to speed, gain new insights and get practical advice on HR’s most pressing issues.

1. XpertHR – The future of work post COVID-19: Lessons and opportunities

It’s no exaggeration to say that many people’s way of working was transformed due to the pandemic. COVID-19’s impact on our daily lives meant that businesses and workers had to act reactively as rules and regulations constantly changed. For some, this has led to a sudden shift from traditional 9-5 office work to homeworking and more flexible working patterns.

HR professional, coach, and lecturer, Gemma Dale, discusses what we have learned in this large ‘experiment’ of homeworking and flexible working, and how we can use this to plan for the future of work.

2. Acas – Managing a fair disciplinary process

Acas continues to provide practical advice on employment law and employment relations issues. In this webinar, they discuss how an informal approach to disciplinaries may be useful, carrying out investigations, accompanying people in disciplinary or investigation hearings, what happens in them, and making appeals to original outcomes.

COVID-19 might have affected some aspects of important tasks (like disciplinary processes), such as when employees are working from home, and this webinar touches on that.

3. McKinsey – Transitioning to a postpandemic workforce

In this half-hour webinar, McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) shares findings from a study they’ve done on the long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on work across eight countries, including the UK. MGI discovered that there has been a significant impact on three areas: labour demand, mix of occupations, and workforce skills.

The webinar then discusses several things business leaders and organisations can do to help their workforce and successfully adapt to these disruptions.

4. Gartner HR – Global Crisis Exit Strategy: Energize Your Employees to Gain a Competitive Edge

Multiple surveys over the past pandemic year have shown that the many uncertainties and challenges employees have faced have caused fatigue and burnout. In this webinar, a panel of Gartner experts discusses why it’s in businesses’ best interests to make supporting their employees a top priority. The webinar shares how business leaders can effectively manage their teams in a time of fear and anxiety.

The panel touches upon topics relating to diversity, improving customer experience with a better customer-facing employee experience, and understanding how decisions on the costs of managing people affect employees and the company.

5. CIPD – Returning to the workplace – the role of COVID-19 testing

As lockdown eases, many businesses are making the necessary preparations to welcome staff back into the office, and one of the challenges employers face is alleviating anxiety around COVID-19. To solve this, some businesses are putting in place workplace COVID-19 testing.

In this webinar, CIPD’s expert panel provides advice for employers and people professionals who are considering using COVID-19 testing in their organisation for the safety of their employees.

6. HR Grapevine – Predictive Hiring: Reduce your cost per hire by hiring right, first time

There has been a lot of shifts in the way we work in the last year, and with the rise of available talent and hybrid/remote working, a bigger candidate pool has become available to employers. But how do you ensure you can find the right person when recruiting?

Occupational psychologist, Caitlin Meyer, and recruitment expert, Steve Rogers, introduce predictive hiring in this webinar, where you use science, data and analytics to help find the person that will be a good fit and likely to be successful in a role. This data-led approach can help employers reduce the time and cost it takes to fill a vacancy.

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