It’s Mental Health Awareness Week* this week, with the theme being ‘Nature’. With that in mind, we checked in with our Cezanne HR colleagues from all over the business to ask what they do to maintain good mental health, and to share some images of themselves out and about.

Bethany, Graphic/Web Designer

I adopted my puppy, Ovie, during lockdown last year. Spending time with him and taking him for a nice long walk everyday makes a big difference to my mental health. I rely on these walks to keep my head clear and to maintain a connection with the outside world. There’s nothing like getting up at 7am to go on a 2-hour walk in the sun (hopefully!) and fresh air.

dogs garden park

Pedro, Customer Support Consultant UK/Spain

Breathwork has been life-changing for me. Incorporating breathwork into my day-to-day routine has increased my self-awareness and improved my mental and physical wellbeing. There are a lot of breathing techniques available to explore, and the good thing is that you can exercise your breath anytime, anywhere!

meditation yoga

Maisie, Digital Marketing Executive

I really enjoy spending time outside walking with my friend and her dog. Walking in the park, hunting for pretty flowers is a great way to unwind and always puts me in a good mood. Seeing all the cherry blossoms definitely makes me happy.

dog walk flowers 

Rouen, Customer Support Consultant UK/Italy

Exercise helps me to stay mentally fit and healthy, especially when it’s outside. I enjoy jogging to some good music or an audio book, walking with a flask of coffee with a friend, and outdoor bouldering (inside climbing was shut because of lockdown). My extended family and I had a bit of a ‘shoot the seasons’ competition during lockdown in winter – we had a WhatsApp group and took pictures of any nice landscapes we saw on our walks. My cat Basil also brings me a lot of calm!

cat nature climbing

Silvia, Head of Account Management

I’ve found that in times of high stress, the key for me is to establish a routine. In the past, I went through a period of balancing work and caring for a relative who was unwell. To bear the weight of it, I worked out a routine that saw me go to the office and work in the morning, and then go to the hospital in the afternoon, walking all the way.

Over the last year with COVID-19, I managed to, again, establish a routine which consists of walking the length of our local beach before work in the morning, and after lunch or after work in the afternoon – depending on how long the sun stays up!

beach walk sand

Sue, Marketing Director

I love spending time outdoors, and my favourite activities are sailing out on the open water and walking in local parks or woodland areas. Early on in the pandemic I started going for daily walks around our local park – getting the exercise, seeing the locals who I’d pass on my walk, and being able to get out of the home office all contribute to good mental health for me.

nature pond trees

Shandel, Head of Content

I try to get outside for a 3–5 km walk at lunchtimes most workdays. It makes a big difference to my mental health, clearing my head for the afternoon and giving me a change of scenery. My cat, Snowy, has been a very faithful companion and mental-health boost over the last year. I also enjoy using the app, Calm – their meditations are great, and their ‘Soundscapes’ are really helpful in the background when I’m writing and need to concentrate.

cat tree nature


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Shandel McAuliffe

Now based in sunny Australia, Shandel is prolific writer and editor - particularly in the world of HR. She's worked for some big names, including the CIPD and the Adecco Group. And more recently, she's been the Editor for new HR publication HR Leader.