If you’re an HR leader, you’ll know the value of an efficient, hard-working and motivated HR team. In fact, they can be worth their weight in gold to a thriving organisation!

Not only do they take care of the vital day-to-day activities, such as processing payroll, maintaining employee records and ensuring company policies are compliant, they’ll also oversee the more strategic operations, such as reinforcing and evaluating positive workplace cultures.

The more you consider how valuable a good, motivated HR team is, the more it makes sense to ensure they’re supported by the business. But, it’s also important to note how easy it can be to destroy their motivation and morale…

Hard at work, or hardly working?

Motivation plays a huge part in the success of any business. There’s plenty of evidence that proves when people feel motivated to perform well in their jobs, they’ll produce a better quality of work and enjoy better workplace engagement. If people are not motivated, it’s unlikely they’ll be giving their best every day – and of course, HR professionals are no different!

As we all know, HR practitioners have a huge and varied remit. Their days will often involve activities that require them to be totally focused and engaged. Yet, there are often barriers that can damage the motivation of an HR team and lead to plenty of unwanted stress, too. Stress, lack of motivation, lack of engagement… not exactly key ingredients to a happy, productive working environment, right?

It’s also important to mention that HR teams get something of an unfair bad rap. A recent study found that a staggering 70% of employees don’t trust their own HR teams! Based on that research, you could argue that HR professionals already have a job on their hands to stay motivated in their jobs, especially if they feel they’re seen as the enemy by the very workforces they’re supporting. And, that’s even before we mention the challenges and concerns that HR teams have had to contend with over the past 18 months…

So, if you don’t want to destroy the motivation and morale of your own HR team, you should remove some of the common barriers featured in our infographic below!

If you don't want to destroy your HR team's motivation, avoid these 8 traits at all cost

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Paul Bauer

Paul Bauer is the Head of Content at Cezanne HR. Based in the Utopia of Milton Keynes (his words, not ours!) he’s worked within the employee benefits, engagement and HR sectors for over four years. He's also earned multiple industry awards for his work - including a coveted Roses Creative Award.