With the world of work undergoing transformative changes, it can be tough for HR professionals to keep up with the latest trends, events and opinions.

HR news websites are a great way to keep track of what’s trending in the HR universe. They can also offer a wealth of insights from industry experts into effective HR strategies and how they can be implemented in your own organisation. But, there are so many to choose from!

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With the internet stuffed full of great HR blogs, websites and newsletters, it can be tough to pick the ones that offer the best mix of useful and insightful content. Luckily, the team here at Cezanne HR keeps a watchful eye on everything HR, and we’ve put together a selection of the top 12 HR news websites we think you should be bookmarking, starting with…

One of the largest and most respected names in HR publications here in the UK, The HR Director is considered one of the best independent online and print resources for HR directors and senior HR practitioners.

One thing that stands out about The HR Director is the calibre of people who they interview for their articles and who contribute to their free blog. For example, this month’s edition of their magazine includes an interview with Google’s Chief People Officer Fiona Cicconi, while their blogs are written by senior industry professionals or observers. If you’re looking for in-depth, expert opinions from senior HR leaders, this is the place to be.

Like many of the other websites on this list, SHRM share the latest news from the world of HR as well as articles covering a large array of topics; from behavioural competencies to talent acquisition and employee relations. However, what sets them apart from others on this list is that they also have large sections of their site dedicated to HR-related events and an extensive resources section.

In their resources section, you’ll find a whole host of downloadable content for both HR practitioners and people managers, including samples for interview questions, job descriptions, presentations, HR policies, employee handbooks and much more besides.

Available in both print and online editions, HR Magazine is a publication that holds a great deal of credibility and respect in HR circles – and it’s easy to understand why. They regularly publish high-quality HR news articles with insights from industry experts. Plus, they also have a huge comment section, where HR professionals can talk about their own experiences and insights.

With articles covering a whopping 21 different HR topics, not to mention a library’s-worth of blogs, webinars, whitepapers and even podcasts to dive into, there’ll certainly be something to pique the interest of curious HR practitioners.

Although The Undercover Recruiter may not specifically be aimed at HR, it does provide a different perspective on the state of both the employer and employee market. It also includes in-depth articles and advice for recruiters and hiring managers, as well as candidates on the lookout for new jobs.

The good thing about this site is that that it offers a wide range of opinions and thoughts on specific areas of recruitment, talent attraction and talent retention – subjects that should be of keen interest to any HR professional.

Harvard Business Review is a seminal name in the world of business and HR, with both online and print editions. One of the oldest names in HR publications, it’s been a mecca for HR personnel looking for sound management advice and deep-dive reports into everything human resources-related.

Although the content they share is mainly focused on the US market, it is of an extremely high standard; plus, they have a huge free online library of HR-related resources and content – although there’s a limit on the number of online articles you can view for free.

If you like what you see on their site, they have a truly staggering number of email newsletters you can sign up to – covering everything from beating team burnout to simple management tips for the day.

Personnel Today is another great website for daily HR news, insights and opinions. Although they feature a wide range of HR-related topics and themes, they tend to focus more on the employment law-end of the HR spectrum – no bad thing if you’re looking to brush up on more formal HR policies and procedures!

Although technically not an HR news site, the CIPD should be bookmarked in every HR professional’s web browser.

The CIPD is the professional body for HR and people development. As such, their website is an essential resource for people professionals looking for more formal guidance, advice and comment on HR strategies and policies. In addition, their independent research and insights make them trusted advisers to both governments and employers – so you can be sure their content is both accurate and well-informed.

The HRZone website is truly gargantuan in scale. Hosting a wealth of blogs and articles written by industry HR professionals and a vast array of downloadable resources, content is updated regularly and covers virtually the entire spectrum of HR: from engagement insights to leadership strategy, talent acquisition to people performance.

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for everything HR, it’s definitely a website to put in your bookmarks tab. Plus, our very own Head of Content also contributes his own articles that are well worth a read.

ChangeBoard is primarily a jobs board site for HR professionals looking to take their next steps up the career ladder. However, they also share a great amount of online content; including regular news articles and insights around work leadership.

One thing that does set it apart from other HR news websites on this list is a focus on HR policies and issues in the Middle East. If your organisation is expanding in that direction or has offices in the area, it could prove a vital source of information.

HR Grapevine shares daily news and opinions on the hottest HR topics doing the rounds. They also have a big focus on social channels, with huge numbers of followers on Twitter and LinkedIn. It’s definitely the place to be if you’re looking for more opinion-based pieces, rather than straight-up news or ‘matter-of-fact’ style content.

Another website that strictly isn’t all about the latest HR news, The HR Bartender was created by HR professional Sharlyn Lauby as a place for people professionals to discuss common – and not so common – workplace issues. Topics cover everything from business and customers, right the way through to recruitment and talent retention.

Alongside regular blog posts, the site also includes a library of resources that can help HR professionals resolve everyday workplace issues and advice on how to implement workplace people strategies.

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