Why HR needs payroll software with digital payslips in summary:

  • A payroll software with digital payslips offers people professionals a streamlined process for managing employee payments. It eliminates the need for manual paperwork, reducing administrative burden and potential errors.
  • Digital payslips provide employees with easy access to their payment information anytime, anywhere. This accessibility improves employee engagement and satisfaction by empowering them to manage their finances more effectively.
  • By using a native payroll software, HR departments can ensure compliance with data protection regulations and enhance security measures for sensitive employee information. This helps maintain trust and confidentiality within the organisation.

One of the key advantages of modern online payroll software is being able to store payslips online. In the past, HR or a dedicated payroll team would laboriously print, fold and envelope a payslip for each and every employee.

They were then given to the employee at work or posted out via snail mail. Digital payslips offer a far more secure, convenient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution.

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It’s a no-brainer that having private information, such as that included on a payslip, isn’t all that secure if it’s on a printed sheet of paper. It’s too easy for paper to get misplaced or worse, deliberately stolen. Storing payslips online, in a secure payroll system is a far safer way to maintain a file of your employees’ payslips.

Even if a laptop is mislaid, laptop, Single Sign-on (SSO) or system passwords provide a layer of protection that the humble paper payslip just can’t match. By promoting secure payslips through an HRIS with native payroll software, HR builds trust with employees by showing they take data security seriously, and they earn respect from business leaders by protecting the business’ reputation with a modern, technologically-savvy solution.


Employee requests for duplicate payslips are far easier for HR to fulfil with a digital file of past payslips. Whether the HR professional is working in the office or off site, a digital payslip can be quick and easy for HR to find, without assistance from third parties.

That also makes it much simpler for HR to look at a history of payslips, and can be invaluable when an employee needs several payslips reissued at once – if, for instance, they need a number of payslips for a mortgage application. Tracking down HR-related information is a thing of the past with comprehensive online HR systems.

Environmentally friendly

More and more businesses are now aware of their carbon footprint, and taking measures to improve it. Printed payslips use a lot of resources: paper, toner, human energy in processing them, and, if they are posted, there’s the additional energy expended in getting them from A to B. And storing printed payslips is generally a bit of a nuisance for employees.

Digital payslips are far more energy efficient and they’re a way for HR to show their commitment to being environmentally friendly. The energy required to generate a payslip is expended whether they are on paper or stored and viewed as a digital file, and the electricity etc. used to view the digital version is kept to a minimum because they’re small, quick-to-view files.

Cost effective

The environmental impact isn’t the only ‘cost’ from paper payslips. Printing payslips for every employee on a regular basis consumes a lot of expensive paper and toner (not to mention the cost and hassle of having to dispose of the packaging that comes with both) – all costs that must come out of HR’s budget. And if they’re posted out to employees, the postage costs can quickly add up.

Printing and sending duplicate copies when requested only increases the expense. Digital copies, held in a modern native payroll software systems shouldn’t add any further expenses for HR to what they’re already paying for their payroll software. Storing the payslip should be included in the cost of using the system.

Printed payslips should be left in the past where they belong. Digital payslips modernise payroll and HR functions, proving to businesses that HR is just as technologically-adept as other departments. It’s also a great way to reduce your overall company expenditure.

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