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Develop a better understanding of motivation, feedback and aptitude to improve your performance management processes, and achieve a higher ROI on the energy you invest in performance management.

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Insights from business change psychologist, Nadine Michaelides, case studies from Principal Research Fellow at the Institute for Employment Studies, Dan Lucy, survey findings and more:

Change psychology, first impressions and the psychological contract
Positive examples of onboarding at a global charity, a financial services organisation and an insurance provider
Statistics and commentary on how employees are currently experiencing onboarding and where HR can make improvements

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We launched our report on onboarding at our webinar, ‘The Psychology of Onboarding: 5 insights to help HR improve their new starter experience’, May 2020. The webinar featured Nadine Michaelides on onboarding psychology, Dan Lucy highlighting key findings from the report’s employer case studies, Justine Brown discussing the current state of onboarding with COVID-19, and Cezanne HR sharing the top findings from ‘The Psychology of Onboarding: Optimising the new-starter experience in the digital age’.

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Only 5% of respondents said they’d best describe their performance conversations as motivating and inspiring.

* According to The Psychology of Performance Management: Understanding motivation, feedback and aptitude to improve performance

Help with Performance Management and Onboarding

video call performance meeting

Considerations for appraisals during COVID-19 – performance reviews are still important


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onboarding remotely

Onboarding and Cloud HR Software: How to maintain normality during COVID-19


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video call performance meeting

Remote onboarding: providing a warm welcome using online tools


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Stay connected with your workforce with modern, Cloud-native HR software


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    Comprehensive employee profiles, training records and dedicated screens for essential HR record keeping.

  • Onboarding

    Engage new hires before they join and streamline essential employee lifecycle activities.

  • Absence

    Automatic calculation of leave and TOIL entitlements, authorisation workflows and more.

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    Online timesheets and digital clocking in and out, to boost accuracy and reduce admin.

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    Support continuous performance reviews with intuitive check-ins and goals.

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    Track key talent, visualise talent pools, put in place career plans and map out succession plans.

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    Integrated online recruitment solution designed to streamline your whole recruitment cycle.

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