Being successful in HR – a fast-paced and dynamic profession – is heavily reliant on readily-available workforce insights. When HR and business leaders need data on any aspect of the employee lifecycle, they can easily view the information they need in modern Cloud-based multi-tenanted HR software as a solution (SaaS), like Cezanne HR – the go-to tool for HR professionals who want to efficiently manage their employee lifecycle, from recruitment to succession planning.

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Recruitment: vacancies, time to fill, candidate mix

You’re the Head of Recruitment and you’ve just been called before the board to provide an update on recent vacancies. You have one hour to prepare. What do you do?

If you have an HR system with recruitment capabilities, you pull reports that include:

  • what roles you currently have vacant
  • how long it’s taking to fill vacancies
  • what your candidate mix looks like: location, diversity, education etc.

Your HR system makes it easy for you to doublecheck the process your recruitment team and hiring managers are following. To really impress the board, you can also dive into the hiring experience of some recent new starters, relaying what the process looked like for them from seeing your job ad to being onboarded with your organisation.

Onboarding: Processes, documentation, welcome portals

You’ve been in charge of a new onboarding process for your business for the last year, and you notice that a particular department is having trouble retaining new starters. You need to quickly solve the problem before it adversely affects long-term staff in that area and the business’ reputation. You know you’ve set up the right processes and given your team access to the best software to help onboard new people. What do you do?

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Using an onboarding module in an HR system like Cezanne HR, you check that:

  • the onboarding process you implemented in the system is still clear and fit for purpose
  • the onboarding portal for newcomers is up to date and engaging – perhaps adding a video if you haven’t already done so
  • all new-starter documents are ready to be issued from the system, and e-signature functionality is ‘good to go’ as needed.

If everything looks in order, you can check the records of some of your new joiners in the problematic department to make sure the proper procedures are being followed. If all looks okay from the HR side, you’re in a much more informed position to have a probing conversation with the department manager to get to the bottom of the issue.

Career and Succession Planning: Skills, potential, aspirations

You’re quickly fielding questions about recruitment and onboarding, confident that your HR system can give you the answers you need when you need them! But what about career and succession planning? Does an enquiry about future talent leave you stumped?

Not if you have HR software ready to help you manage career and succession planning. You know you can report on:

  • key skills held by your workforce and where there might be gaps that should be filled
  • the positions that need close attention and who might be able to step up if needed
  • what your employees want in terms of career progression opportunities.

Cezanne HR’s Career & Succession Planning module brings to life your data, mapping talent and showing progression opportunities. The grids make it easy for HR to create and shape highly visual plans as needed, displaying a clear picture of talent and succession potential within the organisation.

Paper forms, Excel files and ad hoc HR processes must be a thing of the past if you want insights quickly. HR software ensures the information you need is readily available, from recruitment through to planning who will be your next CEO. Find out how Cezanne HR can help you get insights when you need them via a free personal demonstration today.