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Trust is integral to relationship building, and good relationships are essential for HR to be effective in the workplace. But how can HR gauge how trusted they are, and what evidence can they use to prove how important trust is to their role?

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Trust in hr

Trust and COVID-19

The pandemic could have easily decreased employee trust in HR given COVID-19 has caused a lot of fear and uncertainty. Luckily for HR, in the main, this hasn’t been the case:
– 32.1% of people trust their HR team more now than before COVID-19
– 54.1% trust them the same, and
– 13.8% trust them less.

As the UK goes through the next stage of working through a pandemic, with many businesses bringing employees back to the office for the first time in months, HR and business leaders should use this state of flux to win trust from their employees. Evidencing how you’re going to keep on-site staff safe is a very good place to start.

Trust is a two-way street

Trust isn’t just about being seen to do the right thing, HR needs to also be there for their employees when people need them.

– 1/3 of those surveyed find it hard or nearly impossible to get assistance from HR.

HR will often be busy implementing strategic plans as agreed with senior business leaders. But you need to also make yourself available to employees at all levels to answer queries and assuage concerns. An unanswered employee email that might seem inconsequential to HR could actually mean a great deal to the staff member, and be causing stress while it goes un-responded to.

It’s all about people

Let HR software look after the admin behind people processes so HR and the business can focus on the elements of HR work that build relationships. Recognition is key:
– 55.4% of people would recognise their HR team
– 17.8% aren’t sure, and
– 26.8% could pass HR in the hall and be none the wiser.

Being fair and not showing favouritism as well as keeping DEI front and centre are important, too.

For more on building trust, as well as understanding the importance of visibility and respect for relationships, read Cezanne HR’s latest HR psychology report, The Psychology of HR Relationship Building: Trust, visibility, and respect.