Italian-headquartered A TLC, which offers solutions for the telecommunications market through the Aethra Telecommunications brand, is using Cezanne’s HR and Performance Management software to support the professional growth and engagement of their employees.

Human resources as a business asset

Awareness of the critical importance of people to drive growth is built into the DNA of Aethra Telecommunications; the company’s strong commitment to talent development is fundamental to remaining competitive in a highly innovative and dynamic market.

In early 2014, at the instigation of the Director-General, Aethra Telecommunications launched a review of their existing performance management process. The aim was to foster a continuous focus on development in order to improve the overall effectiveness of the company in meeting market challenges.

“We wanted to look not only at what employees do from an operational standpoint, but take into account their expectations, skills, and potential for professional growth,” explains Federica Giorgini, Head of HR at Aethra Telecommunications.

The right product at the right price

Aethra Telecommunications began researching tools on the market that could support an advanced performance review process. Attention was soon focussed on Cezanne HR, whose Cloud-based solution could meet all the company’s requirements.

“We felt that Cezanne’s HR system, with its integrated Performance module, offered all of the functionality we were looking for at the right price for our organisation, without being difficult to manage or maintain thanks to its Cloud-based architecture,” says Giorgini.

Cezanne HR’s Performance solution lets organisations easily set up multiple performance and skills evaluation processes, create appraisal forms and automatically forward them to the right people, before returning the results in a clear and easy-to-read manner to all involved parties. The module also provides the option to collect training needs, development action plans, and salary increase proposals – all essential elements for a comprehensive approach to employee planning and development.

Implementing effective performance evaluations

Aethra Telecommunications strongly believe that using Cezanne HR to streamline performance management will provide valuable opportunities for personal and professional development, as well as increasing employee engagement throughout the organisation.

“We began the project by putting together the appraisal form, which included all the elements we felt were necessary for a comprehensive and effective performance evaluation process.” explains Giorgini.

“To date, we’ve introduced the new process to a select group of employees. The next step is to present it to the heads of different departments, before rolling it out across the whole organisation,” Giorgini reveals. “We believe that using Cezanne HR will substantially contribute to the development of the people who create value within the company every day.”

Supporting success

The assistance provided by Cezanne HR during the set-up of the system was highly valued by Aethra Telecommunications. “Cezanne HR supported us really well throughout all phases of the system’s implementation, helping us to achieve our objectives.”

Given their positive experience with Cezanne HR, Aethra Telecommunications will consider extending their use of the HR system to include additional modules that will help the company further streamline and improve their HR practices.