Cezanne HR’s Development and Q&A teams have been working flat out to deliver some great new features for the summer. The latest update to Cezanne HR went live at the weekend, and is automatically available to all customers in all of the supported languages.

An easier way to manage company vehicles

Organisations that either provide company vehicles, or have employees that use personal vehicles for work, have responsibilities that extend well beyond reporting for budgeting and tax purposes – important though this is. Employers also have a duty to make sure that company vehicles are taxed, the proper insurance is up to date, and services carried out.

The latest update to Cezanne HR adds new screens, reports and alerts that make it simpler to record all of the relevant information, run reports and stay on track of key activities – such as tax and insurance renewals, or service dates and history.

A catalogue of company cars or vans can be set up, adding all of the relevant information about make, model, registration number, type, engine size, fuel, providers, costs, contributions etc. to simplify data entry; or private car information entered on an ad-hoc basis. The new screens can also be included in the joiner and leaver process, helping to ensure key steps aren’t overlooked.

Delegating approvals, so tasks don’t get stuck while managers are away

Another great new feature available just in time for the summer holidays, is the option for managers (or HR) to delegate approvals to different people, depending on the activity. For example, to let their PA approve holiday requests from team members, a colleague sign off time sheets, or a senior manager participate in a performance evaluation process.

John Hixon, Director of R&D at Cezanne HR, comments: “Task delegation isn’t as straight-forward as it initially appears. While it may be acceptable for HR or a team secretary to authorise a holiday request on behalf of the manager, it’s clearly not appropriate for a performance review to be routed to the same people. With this release, we wanted to reflect real working practices. So, if an approving manager is away for any reason, their tasks can be re-allocated in the best possible way for the business and the individuals involved.”

Scheduling exports for streamlined business reporting

Are there important reports you need to run every week, or every month, and perhaps share with others? The new scheduled export feature lets HR administrators define when reports should be run, and who to notify. As soon as the report is compiled, the system sends a notification email to the recipients, with a link directly to the stored report. It’s a handy way to ensure that reports are circulated, even when you are enjoying a well-deserved break.
Other great new enhancements include an easier way to “re-hire” employees that have left then re-joined the company; a new notification for compensation reviews; and the option to allow managers to review a full compensation history for their teams.

Existing customers of Cezanne HR will find a full list of all of the latest enhancements in the dedicated ZenDesk support portal.