getapp_category_leaderCezanne HR, the leading supplier of quick-to-deploy and easy-to-manage, international, Cloud HR software for mid-sized and growing companies, has been named as a ‘Category Leader’ in the latest quarterly review of HR solutions by GetApp, a Gartner company.

The rankings, which take into account factors such as real user feedback, security, integration and mobile availability, are intended to provide decision makers with a short list of the best software for growing businesses.

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“We’re delighted to be ranked in the top three for HR solutions worldwide in the latest assessment”, says Sue Lingard, Marketing Director for Cezanne HR. “We’re especially pleased that the scoring recognises not just customer feedback and connectivity, but the critical importance of system security. HR data is highly sensitive, and keeping it safe is not just a high priority for every business owner, but a legal responsibility. With Cezanne HR, companies not only get an HR system that’s developed and deployed on the latest secured technology platforms, but the flexibility to configure the system to fit around their international workforce and processes”.

According to GetApp, the goal of the category leader ranking is to give an “accurate and reflective representation of leading business applications in the market.” Rankings are based on five unique factors weighted in order of: security, reviews, integrations, mobile apps and media.