We are excited to introduce the latest release of Cezanne HR. With great feedback from customer and prospects, our development team has been hard at work adding new features to the Cezanne HR software designed to help HR teams and the people they support work smarter and better together.

Here are just some of the key enhancements in the August 2018 release: all of which are absolutely free to current subscribers to the relevant modules in the Cezanne HR software.

Easier access to data privacy policies
With GDPR compliance a key activity for every HR team, we’ve made it easier to publish and share data privacy policies with employees through the Cezanne HR system. Just add the policy to the company information screen in Cezanne HR, and it will automatically appear in each user’s account drop down.

Cezanne HR user profile

International organisations can take advantage of the option to publish policies in different languages, which can be linked to the language preference of the employee. Read about our language options here.

New options for the Form Builder
Probably the most popular new feature so far in 2018, is now even better! When putting together custom forms, fields can now include pre-set or customer-defined drop downs, or radio buttons. That means it will be quicker and easier for employees to complete forms – and for HR administrators to ensure data is complete and consistent.

Option to prevent holiday bookings on key dates
We’ve all been there. An important event is in the calendar, but somehow someone forgot to check before approving an absence request, so a key member of staff won’t be there. Not anymore. We’ve added the option for HR administrators to prevent employees from submitting leave requests that include dates when a company, location or org unit event – perhaps a kick off meeting, exhibition or board meeting – has been scheduled. If an employee tries to book leave, they’ll see a notification messages and can, of course, contact HR directly who can override the rule if required.

Easier insight into absence conflicts for line managers
Busy approving managers get a helping hand too. Alongside the existing warning if other team members have holiday, training or other events booked, approval emails will also show relevant company, location or org unit events that HR may not have flagged as mandatory, but that they may want their report to attend.

The annual employee overview calendar has been extended to display all booked events. So, as well as providing insight into absences issues, line managers will find it a useful tool for forward-looking resource planning.

Cezanne HR individual employee calendar

And, to make doubly sure events don’t get missed, we’ve added new notifications that can be triggered to remind the relevant people of upcoming personal, location, org unit or company activities.

Even more holiday entitlement calculations!
Last, but not least, is a new holiday accrual rule that provides organisations with even more flexibility over the way that Cezanne HR calculates entitlement to time-off. Previously, when using absence plans with monthly or semi-monthly accrual periods, entitlement could only be awarded on the end date of the accrual period. There is now the option award the entitlement on either the start date or the end date.