Dutch, Turkish and Romanian all available in latest release

Cezanne HR, the leading supplier of international HR software for mid-sized and growing businesses, has further extended its global capabilities with the addition of Dutch, Turkish and Romanian to its language options. The new translations are available to customers at no extra charge.

Employees can simply select the language of their choice in their personal settings to automatically see screens in the language they’ve chosen.

HR administrators can translate any of the pick lists they’ve defined in the system, as well as set up dedicated HR portals targeted at specific groups of employees, so local handbooks, policies or other information can be easily shared.

Sue Lingard, Marketing Director for Cezanne HR says: “We’re delighted that the architecture of our product allows us to add new languages so quickly – and that the system continues to grow to meet the needs of our international customers.” Some 75% of Cezanne HR’s customers have operations in more than one country, and around 50% are truly international.

Cezanne HR enables companies to run multiple languages on a single database. Employees can enter information using any of the available languages, and HR or managers can authorise requests or produce reports, such as workforce demographics, absence levels or performance ratings in the language of their choice. A base currency with associated conversion rates ensures that financial data, such as base salary or bonuses can be compared.

Cezanne HR is also available in English (UK & US), Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Italian and supports non-Western character sets, such as Chinese.