We’re delighted to announce the latest enhancements to Cezanne HR went live at the weekend. This release incorporates a number of features most voted for by our customers.

Highlights include:

Protected characteristics

With workforce diversity and equality coming under increased scrutiny, having insight into the makeup of your workforce can be invaluable, especially if you want – or need – to demonstrate commitment to treating everyone fairly.

That’s why we’ve extended the data you can gather to cover all of the ‘protected characteristics’, as defined in the UK Equality Act 2010, and added new reporting options. This information can be added by HR or by the employees themselves, but is hidden by default from others in the organisation, so the data is kept confidential.

Work anniversaries

work anniversaries

Small touches can make a major difference to keeping employees motivated and engaged. Like remembering and recognising an important work anniversary.

We’ve added a new notification that will remind you when an important anniversary is coming up. Reminders can be set to repeat, so you can, for example, get a reminder every 5 years.

This also makes it easier to stay on top of medical tests, adding a renewal date and associated notification.

Improved e-mail log

As our support team will tell you, on occasion, email addresses aren’t entered correctly into the system. Important notifications don’t get through, and it’s not always clear why. It’s now simpler for HR administrative users to see which emails failed, which were delivered, and even re-send complete emails and attachments if required.

Even more searches…

It’s a testament to the demands made of HR for up-to-the-minute workforce intelligence, that we’re always being asked for new and different ways to slice and dice information. This release sees more than a dozen new or extended searches on everything job requirements to inventory items.