New release offers customers even more flexibility for people, absence and performance management.

Cezanne HR, the leading European supplier of powerful, easy to manage Cloud HR solutions for mid and small-sized businesses, has rolled out the latest update to its online HR system, Cezanne HR.

The update – the latest of 8 new feature releases this year – introduces significant new functionality for performance management, as well as enhancements asked for by the company’s more than 100-strong customer base.

Key features of the release include:

New Job Competency Profiles & Ratings

Customers now have even more flexibility over how they make use of competency profiles. Profiles can be built by pulling competencies from the company-defined library, and then linked them to job families. Competencies can also be weighted to reflect their importance for specific job roles. For example, while having customer-facing skills may be a core competency for the business, it can be given more or less weight depending on whether the job profile is for staff in first line support or back office admin. This not only ensures that competencies are aligned with the requirements of the role, but makes admin easier too.

New Competency Gap Analysis

Customers can also define the ‘ideal’ level of competency for specific job profiles and run reports to identify gaps. It’s a powerful way to identify employees that are exceeding expectations for the role, and could perhaps be considered for promotion, or need help in developing the necessary skills.

New Move or Replace Employee tool

When a manager leaves, or takes up another position in the company, there’s often a knock on effect. Other managers may need to be moved, or have different teams reporting to them, to ensure that key roles are covered and the reporting relationships that underpin approval processes – such as absence requests – continue to work. Rather than manage this as a series of disconnected steps, the new tool allows HR administrators to make all of the moves as a single, joined up process.

Enhancements to Search

Since a lot of use is made of the system’s search and reporting capabilities, we’ve taken the time to add in new features asked for by customers. This includes letting individual users pin their favourite searches to a side bar (and order them) so they can get to them quickly, as well as better filtering so it’s easier to find specific search fields.

Making HR simpler

John Hixon, Director of R&D for Cezanne HR says: “We are really pleased with this latest update to Cezanne HR. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve the usefulness and usability of the system.  The new Move or Replace tool is a great example of how we can really help HR administrators deal with what can be quite a complex task in a really simple way.”

“The new features in the performance module are also important, especially for our larger customers.” He adds. “Once you’ve got more than a handful of employees doing the same role in the business, it makes sense to be able to easily assess them against the same competency profile. That way you’ve got better information to support strategic company-wide decisions about skills development or promotion.”

A smooth update process

The new features were rolled out to all customers during a standard maintenance window on Saturday November 30th thanks to the advanced SaaS architecture of Cezanne HR.  This allows Cezanne to provide the latest release to all of their customers at the same time, without impacting on either the customer’s data or the way they have configured their system.