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Secure Retail streamlines people processes with Cezanne HR

Leading-edge chip and PIN solution provider Secure Retail Ltd has been able to cut costs and improve the efficiency of its core people processes by switching to on-line HR solution Cezanne HR.

The Leicestershire-based business provides secure payment solutions for a wide range of companies across retail and hospitality business.  Together with its sister company Mobius (a M2M airtime provider) it employs 45 people.

Secure Retail is growing fast and HR and Training Manager Rachel Waby felt that the company’s previous HR software had become outdated and was too limited in its functionality to meet the company’s changing needs.  After looking at a number of HR solutions, she chose Cezanne HR because of its cost-effectiveness, flexibility and wide range of easy-to-use features.

“Cezanne HR just ticked all the boxes for me,” she said.  “I wanted a cloud-based solution so that we didn’t have to worry about maintaining it and the pay-as-you-go format was also really appealing.  I really liked the fact that there was no big up front licence fee and that we could just pay for the number of people we were managing at any one time.”

Rachel was also impressed by Cezanne HR’s visual appeal.  “I wanted something that looked attractive and up-to-date so that employees would be encouraged to use it – and being able to brand the system with our company logo has also helped to create a sense of ownership,” she said.

Secure Retail needed to get up and running with the system quickly as the licence for their previous product was about to run out.  Rachel and a colleague attended a training session organised by Cezanne HR and with the help of the support team, were able to get all the company’s employee data loaded and were ready to go live with the absence management module in just a few weeks.  She has since run a series of half hour training sessions for small groups of staff, who have quickly been able to get to grips with the system.

“The overall feedback from people has been that it’s great and much easier to use than the previous system,” she said.  “People have found the absence calendar particularly helpful.  Individuals can look to see when colleagues are off when they are trying to plan holidays and managers have an overview of what’s happening in their team and across the business.”

Rachel is now looking forward to taking advantage of some of the other features offered by Cezanne HR.  One of her early priorities will be to get the staff handbook and other HR documents up on the portal.  “I’d like to make it a one-stop-shop so that employees know where to go to look for anything people-related,” she said.  “We will also look at the performance management module in the future and see if we can use it to make our existing procedure a bit slicker and more accessible to everyone.”

Secure Retail have found the Cezanne HR support team particularly helpful.  “They have been fantastic.  Very quick to reply and I’m confident that when I log a query they will always get back to me within a day,” says Rachel. “I have a better system for less money so I really couldn’t be happier.”