August 2020 update increases the number of available approval stages

Ask customers which of the many configuration features they value the most in their Cezanne HR software, and we guarantee the form builder will top the league.  It provides HR teams with enormous flexibility, allowing them to build unlimited online forms, manage approval workflows and collect accurate data with ease.

With COVID-19 increasing the workload on HR team, the form builder has proved to be even more valuable, simplifying essential paperwork and helping HR teams keep staff informed and safe.

HR teams have always been able to choose to route forms through customer-defined approval workflows. However, with the August update to Cezanne HR, the number of approval stages has been extended to 10 – ensuring that forms can support even the most complex of HR processes.

John Hixon, Director of R&D for Cezanne HR explains: “Our mission has always been to deliver an HR system that ensures HR teams can focus on people, not processes or paperwork. Key to that is giving customers the freedom to rapidly adapt the system in response to changing needs.”

“Adding extra approval stages is just one of a series of enhancements we’ve made to the form builder to make it even more flexible and valuable for our customers.”

Cezanne HR’s form builder lets HR professionals build – and deploy – employee-friendly HR forms in seconds. 

More information about this and other enhancements in the August release are available to customers through the support portal.