With so many employees distanced from their colleagues, nurturing a sense of belonging and engagement has become a priority for many in HR.

One of the most effective ways they can do that is by connecting their workforce through their HR software system. After email, it is the one business system that every employee has access to and is likely to use on a regular basis.

‘We’re seeing customers relying on Cezanne HR much more than in the past for employee communication’, explains John Hixon, Cezanne HR’s Director of Research and Development. ‘With this update we wanted to make it even easier for HR teams to ensure their Cezanne HR system truly feels like part of their organisation, and relevant to every employee.’


The new release gives HR teams more control over the design and content of their self-service dashboards, so they can both better reflect their company culture as well as create a sense of shared community. Alongside the existing colour options and content choices, such as the task inbox, absence entitlements and internal news feed, HR teams can now include:

  • text and/or images sections that can be used, for example, to include messages from HR or senior management, or to act as page headings
  • embedded videos
  • social media feeds
  • background photos

Setting up dashboards takes just a few minutes, and different dashboards can be created for different groups of employees. This allows HR to reflect the priorities of line managers, their employees or HR.

‘Our aim is to give HR teams the freedom to create dashboards that reflect changing realities and really work for their business and their people’, John concludes.

The new dashboard features are part of the core Cezanne HR People management module, and available to customers at no extra charge. Full details can be found on the support portal.