London, 11 February 2019 – Following hot on the heels of the release of the hugely popular form builder, comes the first of our releases designed to give HR teams even more control over the Cezanne HR database.

With HR teams fast recognising the value of ditching paperwork and going digital, a centralised, secure and flexible Cloud HR database is more important than ever before.

It stores and organises HR data and documents, supports efficient processes and provides a single source of accurate, up-to-date information that the whole business can benefit from 24/7.

Over time, we’ve added more fields and more functionality to Cezanne HR, but we know that different organisations have different requirements from their HR database.

That’s why our development team have been working hard to put the tools in place that allow HR to have much more control over the data they collect and how they make use of it.

Renaming labels

With the latest update, HR professionals now have the option to rename close to 1000 of the data labels in Cezanne HR, with a full audit trail, translation capabilities and roll-back.

John Hixon, Director of Research and Development at Cezanne HR explains: “This is just the first of a series of releases planned for this year. We’re already working on extending the number of data fields that are covered, as well as providing the option for HR professionals to add or hide fields for specific users.”

A key aim of the release is to ensure the new feature can be used by HR professionals. “Historically, this kind of functionality was reserved for IT teams, who felt comfortable navigating their way through database schemas, object catalogues and their interdependencies”, explains John.

“For example, a field label such as ‘Hire Date’ is used across a number of different screens and reports in the Cezanne HR system. We’ve provided an easy way for HR professionals to see where the labels are used. This means they can quickly see the impact of the changes they make and can ensure the consistency across the whole system: something that is key to a great workforce experience.”

Combined with the existing field configuration options in the system, such as the customer-defined drop downs and forms, the aim is to give HR professionals unrivalled flexibility over the data they gather, who they share it with, and how it’s used.

Onboarding Check Lists

We’ve been delighted by the take up of the employee Onboarding & Lifecycle module, which was released in summer 2018, and the great feedback we’ve had from the customers – which included a number of new feature requests.

As a result of this, the February 2019 update includes a consolidated view of outstanding tasks, and easier insight into the onboarding welcome portals that are still in use.

“The value of the task list feature was always intended to extend well beyond onboarding,” explains Senior Development Team Leader, Jamie MacLean. “Cezanne HR customers are using it to help ensure a host of other activities – from relocations to risk assessments – run more smoothly too”.

“With the new consolidated view, HR teams now have immediate, high level insight into progress across all tasks – irrespective of what processes they relate to – so you can quickly identify where they might need to step in to make sure deadlines aren’t missed.”

Other enhancements in this release include even more merge fields for document generation, further options for the API, as well as new options for position organisation charts and training providers.

Full release notes are available to customers via the support portal.