London, United Kingdom, 19th February 2023: Cezanne HR, a trusted provider of innovative Cloud HR software and payroll solutions for UK & global businesses, is delighted to announce the launch of their new February System Release

New in February: Onboarding, Documents and Comp Planning all receive major upgrades

The release, which went live on Saturday 17th February, is the latest update that enhances the user experience for Cezanne users. It focuses on making the day-to-day duties for people practitioners more efficient, and includes developments to the following user functions:

  • Onboarding improvements
    Based on client feedback, users of Cezanne’s Onboarding and Lifecycle module can now duplicate existing Onboarding portals to create new versions and personalise their content. This makes it quick and easy to welcome large numbers of new joiners.
  • New Document Kick Off Process
    The new screen now allows you to add new employees to existing Kick off lists, improving the documentation process and saving time without adding another Kick off process.
  • Comp Planning and Active Directory enhancements
    We’ve also added new improvements to help Compensation Planning and Active Directory integrations: including better usability, more flexibility and new search functions.

Andi Perger, Cezanne HR’s Product Marketing Manager commented that “Our development team have once again done some brilliant work in bringing user suggestions to life on our platform. I’m really pleased with this month’s system release as it focuses on several key areas our clients really value; plus, they also contribute to our roadmap of continuous improvement for the platform.”

And that’s not all…

Andi went onto say there’s also some big product news on the horizon, adding that “Along with this month’s system release, we’ll be launching a brand new module on the 27th February! We’re thrilled at the prospect of sharing details on this new module later in the month, and we think it’s something our clients will be excited to learn more about, too – stay tuned!”

Cezanne users can get the full rundown on this month’s system release, plus the developer notes by logging into the Cezanne Support Portal.