Help employees perform at their best with the latest update to Cezanne HR’s integrated module for employee performance management.

Cezanne HR - Performance Management - My goals Review screenshot

London, 19 August 2019 – High-performing organisations have long recognised the importance of regular conversations between employees and their managers. Feedback that is immediate is more effective, goals that are kept under regular review less likely to get missed, and just-in-time coaching almost always results in better outcomes.

The challenge has always been how to help employees and their managers keep these conversations front of mind so they can build on them in the best possible way.

The latest update to Cezanne HR introduces a brand-new set of features that help companies take continuous performance reviews to the next level.

It provides a single, collaborative online forum where employees and reviewing managers can easily record check-in conversations, propose and agree goals, document progress and record outcomes.

Developed with flexibility in mind, the new functionality gives HR teams the freedom to configure the system to reflect their own approach, whether it’s simple check-in meetings with documented outcomes, or more detailed goal-led conversations involving multiple parties.

  • Employees benefit from greater visibility over goals and progress and have the option to provide and receive feedback at any time, resulting in a more collaborative, forward-looking approach to agreeing, managing and achieving performance objectives.
  • Managers get a complete view into what their teams are working on, and how they are progressing, so they are in a better position to provide effective, timely support.
  • HR can give employees and reviewing managers ownership of the frequency and content of reviews, but still track the frequency of check-ins and provide guidance if needed. HR also benefit from a rich source of data that will inform wider decisions, such as where to investment in training or career development.

John Hixon, Cezanne HR’s Director of R&D comments: “We’re really excited about this new feature. When we canvassed customers about what additions they’d like to see to Cezanne HR, better support for check-ins and agile goals was high on the list of priorities.

“It’s a reflection of how hard HR teams are working at finding better and more engaging ways to support their people, and the value they put on having the right technology in place to help them achieve their ambition.”