Latest update to Cezanne HR’s Cloud HR system further improves employee engagement and business efficiency

19th April 2021, London UK: Cezanne HR, the leading UK-headquartered supplier of easy-to-adapt global HR systems for mid-sized and growing businesses, today announced the addition of new capabilities for its Cloud HR suite.

New ‘Who’s off’ widget

The release introduces the first of several new widgets planned for Cezanne HR’s configurable self-service dashboards, further boosting their value to employees and the wider business.

‘Own-branded HR dashboards that bring together personally meaningful data with up-to-date company information are invaluable, especially for distributed workforces or where employees are working remotely. The more often you can connect your employee with your company in a positive way, the more the company builds loyalty,’ explains John Hixon, Director of R&D at Cezanne HR. ‘We launched a new set of personalisation tools for Cezanne HR’s employee dashboards in December, and we’ve been delighted with the response.’

The new ‘Who’s off’ widget provides an easy, graphical way for employees, managers or HR, to see when colleagues, peers or managers are away on holiday, off sick or involved in other events, such as training. Visibility over absence events is controlled by HR, ensuring employee privacy is protected when required, and views can also be filtered, for example by location or department. It adds to the close to 50 widgets already available to HR teams, including the option to embed videos, the company Twitter feed and other third-party apps that use iframes.

hr whos off dashboard widget holiday

New event notifications

The April update also adds new notifications to help busy HR teams and line managers stay on top of important events. These include expiring fit notes, licencing and disciplinary follow up. As with the scores of notifications already available in Cezanne HR, each one can be configured by HR to define who receives the notifications and when they should be sent out.

Other features in the release include the extension of the SMS functionality to better support international customers with employees in the US, and new ways to capture payroll information.