eCommerce company  Procserve is streamlining its people management processes with the help of Cezanne HR’s HR software solution.

Procserve powers the Procserve Commerce Network which is used by more than 27,000 public and private sector organisations to buy, sell and share information within virtual communities.  Procserve was established in 2006 and is today the only accredited platform trusted by the Police, NHS and Government to deliver their transactions securely within the Cloud.

The business began as an off-shoot of PA Consulting and originally used PA’s infrastructure to manage everything from Finance, and HR, l to IT and phone systems.  , However, as a growing SAAS business, it became apparent that Procserve’s IT needs were different to that of a large global consultancy and so  the company  shifted to new IT set-up and migrated many of its systems earlier this year.  HR processes are the latest to be transferred to a more SME-friendly solution.

“Our main criteria was that the new HR System needed to be easy to use, easy to set up and above all had an element of self service,” said Head of People & Business Administration, Alex Morley.  “We are a lean organisation with only a small HR team, so the employee self-service module was a must for us.  We have a great team of people at Procserve and being able to manage their own personal details and vacation requests makes life easier for them,”

Procserve currently employs 70 staff across three bases in London and the South East.  After establishing a firm foothold in the public sector, it is now beginning to expand the private sector side of the business.  “As our business grows and we bring in more customers, we will need to scale up our resources accordingly, so having a system that was flexible enough to grow alongside us was also a priority,” said Alex.

The company has signed up for the HR, absence and performance management modules of Cezanne HR and is currently in the process of transferring all of its employee data across.  The Cezanne HR team are supporting the migration process, which involves transferring seven year’s worth of records across from the previous system.

Alex anticipates that following an imminent training session, she will be able to get the system up and running by early October, with full roll out across the business scheduled for the beginning of December.  “The system seems very intuitive and I think it is going to be easy for me to start using it quickly,” she said.  She will also be able to upload information from the company’s existing performance management data into Cezanne HR with only a few minor changes.  “We currently have a manual system but the beauty of Cezanne HR is that I will be able to put the information that comes out of performance reviews onto the system so that it sits on the individual’s record rather than on a file on my computer,” says Alex.

She believes the absence management module will also be valuable in helping line managers see at a glance who in their team is off sick or scheduled to be on annual leave at any given time.  “We have to make all our processes as efficient as possible so that teams can focus on the stuff that’s really important for the business, like delivering great service for our customers,” she said.

Looking further ahead, Procserve also hope to start using the social portal that comes as an integral part of Cezanne HR to house key documents and support communication with staff.  They are also looking forward to being able to extract data and produce management reports with a few clicks of a mouse instead of having to generate information manually for the leadership team.

Cezanne HR are also proving to be nice people to do business with.  “There are some good people there,” says Alex.  “They are very helpful and one of the biggest bonuses for me was that they were not at all hard sell during the procurement process.  They showed us how the system worked and talked us through the benefits and then just left us to make the decision without any further hassling.”

About Procserve

Procserve’s secure networks have hosted more than £1.5 billion transactions and are today used Its offering includes, but is not limited to, eMarketplace, Purchase to Pay (P2P), Integration-Platform-as-a-Service (IPaaS), electronic payment (ePayments), and dynamic marketplace solutions, as well as specialist eProcurement implementation services.

Procserve’s solutions allow organisations to securely and efficiently transfer information and transact through the cloud, enabling maximum business efficiency.

Using Procserve’s technologies, organisations in both the public and private sectors are able to realise significant time and cost savings, freeing up resources for front-end activity. The company’s heritage within public sector procurement also means that its solutions are government security accredited to IL2 and IL3, and well as being ISO 27001 certified.

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