London, United Kingdom: Cezanne HR, the leading supplier of flexible online HR software for mid-sized UK and global businesses, confirm the latest update to their innovative Cloud HR platform.

The release, which went live at the weekend, includes significant new features that will appeal to busy employees, managers and HR teams.

Unlimited quick links

HR professionals now have the option to embed an unlimited number of links in their company-defined employee, line manager or HR dashboards – and group and configure the associated icons to reflect their company branding or priorities.

“For many customers, Cezanne HR already provides an invaluable gateway to essential resources, such as guides, policies and company videos”, explains Rob Cafferty, Product Manager for Cezanne HR. “By extending the system’s ‘quick action’ features to include any kind of link, HR can put their HR system at the heart of how employees connect to each other and the services and applications they value the most.”

quick actions dashboard

Links can be to popular functionality in the Cezanne HR system, such as workspaces or organisation charts; to external sites, like benefit providers; and to business applications, such as Teams or Slack.

Where single sign-on has been implemented, employees have the added advantage of being able to go directly from their Cezanne HR dashboard to the application without having to log in again.

Performance mapping matrix

The November 2021 update also introduces a powerful new feature for Cezanne HR’s Performance management module: the option to visually map employees against company-defined performance attributes.

John Hixon, Director of R&D at Cezanne HR explains. “Managed well, performance reviews are incredibly important to employers and employees. However, we know that for HR teams, it can be really difficult to ensure consistency across different teams and managers, or step back and get the bigger picture.”

“This tool provides a quick, effective way for HR teams to work with reviewing managers to ensure a more systematic, consistent and fairer approach to final rankings”.

Another advantage of performance mapping is that it makes it immediately clear where employees are doing well and where they may need assistance, so can help to inform future development or resourcing priorities.

The performance mapping tool is designed so that HR teams can configure it to fit their specific priorities. For example, they can set up as many different performance groups as they want, each with its own ranking terminology if required. This means HR teams can choose to review technical or managerial staff organisation-wide, or perhaps focus instead on specific departments.

performance mapping data system

The tool also provides the option to view data from different perspectives, for example to look at age or gender distribution against the different performance groupings.

Full information about these updates and other new features in the November 2021 update to Cezanne HR, including enhancements to employee profiles, can be found in the customer support portal.