We’ve added org chart printing, more flexibility around notifications and an easier way to keep reporting relationships up to date.

Our development elves have been busy in the run up to the holidays: working hard to put the final touches to some of the most ‘voted for’ features on our customers’ wish list. Here’s an overview of some of the exciting new features we delivered at the weekend – ready for our customers to unwrap and enjoy!

Org chart printing

On the top of our customers’ wish list was the ability to print the organisation chart generated by Cezanne HR. That’s now really straight forward thanks to a new button (and a lot of work behind the scenes to develop an optimal layout for printing) on the org charting screen.

org chart

The output to PDF and print feature is available for all of the organisation charts. This includes the standard people and org structure charts, as well as the advanced demographics and absence charts available just to HR.

org chart

More configuration options for notifications

At this time of year, automated notifications are a huge help. With so much else going on, it’s easy to overlook key activities unless there’s a nudge in the right direction. In this release, we’ve added even more options for HR to tailor notifications to fit different processes in different parts of the business.

For example, a notification about a change of address or upcoming visa expiry for employees in one country might need to go to their manager and local HR; while in another country, you may have a specialist in place, so would want to include them in the circulation list too. Another common scenario is a change to bank details. Here, internal payroll could be notified for employees in one country, and a third party provider in another. You could also set different timings against different activities: perhaps to reflect that managers in one part of the operation want to be reminded about the ending of a probation period 30 days before the date, whereas others would like multiple reminders, one at 60 days, and one at 30 days.

There’s also the option to exclude selected recipients from notifications that would normally be sent to a group of employees. This is useful if a manager is on long term leave, you’ve a temporary employee for whom some notifications would be irrelevant, or if some reminders aren’t relevant to the whole HR team.

Moving managers with their teams

Another popular request that made it into this release aims to help HR tackle changes in reporting relationships.

The move manager wizard in Cezanne HR has been extended to cover their teams as well. Rather than “unplugging” individual team member from their place in the organisation structure, and relocating them to a new position under their previous manager, the whole team can be moved at once. It’s the first of a number of new features we have planned to help HR deal with restructuring and change, and keep essential time-saving automation processes flowing smoothly.

For more information about these features, and other new functionality introduced with the December release, please visit the support portal.