It may be peak time for summer holidays, but our developers are still hard at work on new features for Cezanne HR’s ever-expanding system. The latest update sees the addition of over a dozen enhancements, many of which have been suggested by customers.

We’re delighted to have such an interested and active user community. Thank you for your support, and please keep the great ideas coming!

Added features for tracking visas

With the in-built notifications and the option to easily store any kind of documentation, it’s no surprise that customers find Cezanne HR invaluable when it comes to staying on top of increasingly complex compliance issues. So much so, that this has proved to be a focus for our development team over the last few months.

First up are some handy enhancements to the Visa area. Extra fields have been added, so you can track when a visa was verified – and by whom – and a new notification has been introduced to help companies take a more organised and systematic approach to re-verification. As with other notifications in the Cezanne HR system, HR administrators have the freedom to decide both the timing and recipients, so they can be tailored to suit different business units or country locations.

Visas can be now be flagged as company-sponsored, and the costs recorded. With the option to pre-schedule reports, or run them at any time, it’s a useful way for HR to keep an eye on what can quickly become a significant expense.
The employee reference screen has also received attention, with a new option to record how long a referee has known a potential employee in months, as well as years.

More options for compensation

Another area where complete, up-to-date information is invaluable is compensation. The feedback, especially from our international customers, is that different ways of automatically calculating compensation items would be advantageous. So, we’ve added the option to automatically calculate a figure as a percentage of another compensation item (for example, bonus as a percentage of base salary) and FTE salary as a percentage of the full-time amount, rather than having it specified, as was the case before.

The latter should be especially useful for internal salary comparisons between full time and part time staff – especially as the data can be reported on alongside other factors, such as length of service, gender and position. As should a new search (also requested by clients) that allows current compensation to be listed by type alongside the previous amount.
Extended mail merge

Reports and document mail merge have been updated to incorporate the new fields. In fact, there are now well over 150 fields to pick from to generate fully personalised employee communications, covering everything from pay awards and bonuses to reminding employees to check that their emergency contact information is up to date.

Multiple mobiles against employee contacts

Since most of us rely on our mobiles to stay in touch in an emergency, a new field has been added so employees can add their personal mobile number to their existing contact information. Depending on company policy, this number can be made visible in the employee directory or kept private and available to HR only. Office telephone numbers now display extensions when appropriate.

A faster way to find current performance review templates

Since approaches to performance management rarely stand still, and new templates are easy to set up, some customers have built up an extensive library of templates – past and present. That made finding current templates a bit of a chore. Not anymore. There’s now the option to add a flag, so it’s easier to identify current templates.

Refreshed login screen

Last, but not least, we’ve introduced a colourful new login screen that better reflects the overall design of the Cezanne HR system. Perhaps an antidote to help dispel the post-summer-holiday blues?!