Onboarding & Lifecycle Management

Ensure a great experience

At every stage of the employee lifecycle

Cezanne HR’s integrated onboarding & lifecycle management module is designed to help improve the complete employee experience, from hire to retire.

You’ll find it easier to engage new employees before they join, manage onboarding activities and streamline key employee lifecycle events, such as relocations, promotions or employees returning to work after an extended period of absence.

  • Promote your organisation’s unique culture
  • Engage new hires before they join
  • Ensure essential onboarding tasks are completed on time
  • Improve how employee lifecycle events are managed
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Set up onboarding portals in minutes

Create informative, engaging and personalised onboarding portals. No technical skills required.

Showcase your company

Easily embed videos, upload images, add copy and share links that reflect your company ethos and culture.

Highlight essentials

Provide a personal welcome and ensure new joiners know when they start, where they’ll work and who to contact.

Introduce the team

Automatically display photos and pen portraits of team members, so new starters know who they’ll be working with from day one.


Display tasks

Set up your own tasks lists and dynamically display the activities you need new joiners to complete before – and after – they join.

Track completion

Easily see which activities from your tasks lists have been completed, and where you might need to step in to nudge things along.

Reflect differences

Create multiple portals and task lists so you can reflect different onboarding requirements, lifecycle events, locations or languages.

Manage tasks with ease

Ensure activities are completed on time

With Onboarding & Lifecycle, it is easy to put together as many different task lists as you need, each with associated activities, participants and due dates.

As soon you kick off a new event, such as a new hire or internal promotion, the Cezanne HR system takes care of the rest, automatically notifying the relevant participants. You save time, and nothing gets overlooked.

  • Set up multiple task lists
  • Group by category for easier management
  • Trigger notifications
  • Help everyone track completion

Streamline processes, avoid confusion

Automatic notifications and easy-to-use task inboxes ensure participants understand what they need to do.