While the legal requirement to report on protected characteristics only applies to some organisations, many more companies are looking to collect and report on this information.

It is valuable data to have for a range of different reasons: from demonstrating to employees and customers that you are committed to treating everyone fairly, to helping prevent or forestall unlawful discrimination claims.

The UK Equality Act 2010; it defines nine ‘Protected Characteristics’ as follows:
• Age
• Disability
• Gender Reassignment
• Marriage and Civil Partnership
• Pregnancy and Maternity
• Race
• Religion or Belief
• Sex
• Sexual Orientation

Discrimination due to one or more these characteristics is unlawful under the Act.

Cezanne HR lets you record information about each of these characteristics against every employee record in your system. Your HR Professional can enter the data or upload it in bulk using a data import. Alternatively, you can ask employees to enter it for themselves, in which case it will need approval from an HR user before it is fully saved. By default, none of this data can be viewed by other employees, even the employee’s supervisor.

You can monitor the diversity of your workforce by using the new ‘Protected Characteristics’ search. Cezanne HR allows the data to be exported to Excel or extracted via our API so you can create pivot tables and graphs on any of the characteristics above, which should satisfy the most demanding of diversity reporting requirements.


protected characteristics

You can find out more about the Equality Act here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/equality-act-2010-guidance


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