HR Analytics: From zero to hero in 5 easy steps!

hr analytics

I recently came across the definition of HR analytics on the CIPD website, and it left me thinking that I’d need a degree in applied maths to even begin to get my head around it. Does “the application of mathematical, statistical and data mining techniques” really fit in with what HR is all about? The […]

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When should your holiday year start?

Holiday absence calendar from Cezanne HR

I came across an interesting debate on LinkedIn this week on the pros and cons of starting the holiday absence year at different periods of the year. Since it’s topic we often discuss with our customers, we thought we’d pitch in with our views—and some insight into how the Cezanne HR system can help make managing […]

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Are you tracking your contractors effectively?

Contract team distribution in Cezanne HR

How Cezanne HR helps you make the most of working with contractors Contractors, freelancers, interns and volunteer workers are an invaluable resource for many companies; providing essential cover while staff are away, allowing organisations to flex their workforce to meet changing needs, providing essential skills on a short term basis, or helping companies identify and […]

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How to keep your HR processes running smoothly

Timesheet in Cezanne HR

HR software that automates the flow of key HR processes – like holiday requests, sickness notifications or timesheet approvals – is hugely popular with HR and line managers. Instead of time-consuming manual processes or disconnected emails, today’s online HR systems route requests and approvals to the right people at the right time; automatically update the […]

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How Cezanne HR can help you plan for Brexit

Employment history report from Cezanne HR

The implications of the Brexit vote are sinking in, and HR are faced with a new set of challenges, not least how to address the very real concerns of EU (or more accurately, EEA) nationals working in the UK, and UK nationals working in the EEA. A clear message that came out of a useful […]

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Sun, Sea and Self-Service

Working in HR, I’m sure you’re aware of the benefits of employee self-service for you. Less time wasted on data entry, or answering endless questions from colleagues about holiday entitlements, sick days taken or processes that need to be followed. But how does it feel from the employee’s perspective? Here’s my take on holiday management […]

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How we use our HR Workspaces: Practising what we preach

Workspaces in Cezanne HR software

Like many organisations, we sometimes find communication difficult. Something that sounds so simple can be pretty challenging to keep on top. Not only do I have a list as long as my arm to get through, but my department is also focused on specific projects. This can lead to tunnel vision and risk us pulling in different directions […]

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