…and how Cloud HR technology helps!

Not so long ago, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Dr Richard Sykes on a webinar about the benefits of HR in the Cloud hosted by Personnel Today.

Sykes’ perspective – based on his 40 years of experience in business and IT, current role as an independent strategic advisor and close involvement in a number of leading industry bodies spanning technology and security – is that the Cloud is not about technology, but about business transformation.

Instead of de-humanising the world of work, Richard argues that Cloud technologies are providing companies with new freedoms for action to implement system that are more human, more compelling and more cost effective.

More human because Cloud delivery and technologies such as HTML5, means that HR systems can be designed that are easy to use and reflect the way that people want to work. They make it simpler for employees engage with each other and the organisation, keep personal information up to date, trigger processes like holiday requests, and connect in a way and at a time that suites them: 24/7 via PC, Mac, tablet, mobile…

More compelling because today’s HRIS software meets the need of the business to manage human resources more effectively and efficiently by automating processes and freeing up data. HR admin is reduced, data liberated, line managers empowered, and employees can help themselves to the information they need. The result is better HR service delivery and improved productivity across the business.

More cost effective since the underlying costs of genuine multi-tenanted Cloud HR software is significantly lower than those of previous-generation HR systems that are simply hosted in the Cloud. As well as benefiting from the cost-efficiencies (and enhanced security) of an optimised Cloud platform and infrastructure, these systems are purposely built to be configured by the client, and seamlessly updated. Companies are no longer faced with upfront licence fees, large implementation projects or upgrade fees. That makes the cost of HR systems affordable for even the smallest of companies.

To see the full webinar, visit the Personnel Today website, or contact us and we’ll send you the slide set.

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Sue Lingard

Sue studied Personnel Management at the London School of Economics before taking on management roles in the travel, recruitment and finally HR software industry. She's particularly interested in how technologies enable HR teams - and the people they support - to work better together.