Cezanne HR’s form builder is a powerful tool that allows HR professionals to create employee-friendly online forms quickly and easily. It builds on the versatility of the Cezanne HR software by providing unrivalled flexibility to set up, share, manage and report on forms that simplify HR admin, enable easier compliance and save everyone time.


What are the benefits of the form builder?

The form builder comes with a whole range of features that benefit HR teams, line managers and employees alike.

Easy drag and drop

The drag-and-drop tools and flexible field options mean there’s no technical knowledge or coding involved in setting up forms. You can add rich text, dates, numbers, checkboxes, dropdown lists, radio buttons, instructions and more, so you can build forms that are fit for purpose and easy for employees to complete.

Paper-free approvals

With Cezanne HR’s form builder, you can easily reflect your approval processes by routing forms through the appropriate review cycles. The system can support workflows with up to ten approval stages, so even the most complicated processes are covered.

Process transparency

Every employee has their own form hub, where they can check the status of the forms they’ve submitted. You can also set up automated notifications that will trigger when the form moves to the next step of the approval cycle. This keeps the progression evident to everyone and helps ensure it’s not forgotten.

Secure access

When a form is submitted, only the employee, approvers and HR can see the form and its content. Information is kept confidential throughout, so you won’t run into any data privacy issues.

Relevant to the audience

You can choose who can access the forms you create. For example, employees from different offices might require forms in their local language. Assigning who can view and use which forms ensures employees don’t get confused with forms that are irrelevant to them.

Unlimited options

Simple but flexible configuration tools make it straightforward to set up forms that reflect your processes and help you collect and manage the information that you need. You can also run reports on completed forms to find the relevant data to support evidence-based decision making.

Ways you can use form builder

The form builder is hugely popular with Cezanne HR’s customers. We’ve gathered together a few examples of the type of forms you can create.

1. Flexible working request

Flexible and hybrid working are the hot topics and it’s not surprising that requests from employees for different working arrangements are bound to increase post lockdown. Creating a form allows you to gather such enquiries into one place and helps ensure they’re followed through – vital in the UK, where it’s required by law to consider flexible working requests.

2. On-site work request

If you need to manage who is working on-site, a form is a great way to keep track of this information. Employees can complete the form to let HR and line managers know when they’d like to come into the workplace. This article goes into more detail about different ways you can record who’s on and off-site.

3. Expense claims

Processing expenses can be painful and time-consuming. You can lessen the time wasted rummaging through paper forms by bringing it all online. For example, employees can be allowed to group different expense claims into one form that they submit at the end of the month or simply submit a claim each time they incur an expense. And if you allow them to, they can also upload scans or pictures of paper receipts into the HR system that you can cross-reference with the expense claims to keep everything paper-free.

4. Buy/Sell holidays

If your company policy allows buying or selling of annual leave, then an online form is the easiest way for employees to submit their request. You can even add an instructions/FAQ section in the form reminding people about the policy and how these exchanges are calculated, etc.

5. Benefits applications

If you offer benefits like season ticket loans, or participate in the cycle to work scheme, it’s simple to create forms that allow employees to apply for the benefit through the system. Having these forms easily accessible via their hub also helps in reminding staff what perks are available to them.

6. Surveys

Communicating with staff is a two-way thing and listening to employees’ opinions is just as crucial as relaying information to the workforce. The form builder is a quick, easy way to create different types of surveys for different occasions. You can make simple forms that are quick to fill in and run reports when needed. For example, if you have furloughed employees, you can find out about any worries and concerns they might have about returning to work to better support your staff going forwards.

With its intuitive design and simple setup tools, the Cezanne HR form builder puts HR in control of data and relieves the pain of form filling and paperwork for everyone. What forms would you create with this tool?

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