In an uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, businesses need all their HR tools and systems to be able to adapt to their specific needs as fast as they’re pivoting.

In fact, according to the latest PwC CEO data, business leaders are so concerned with how much change is happening in the business landscape, that 4 in 10 don’t think their organisation will exist within a decade if they don’t transform right now. A pretty inarguable call for change, wouldn’t you agree?

How to use payroll as a business personalisation tool Cezanne HR blog

With the need to deliver against changing customer demands, evolving regulatory frameworks and newly-centred workforce desires, organisations need the technology to be able to drive vital transformations, and perform to their personalised needs.

Whether that’s automating administrative processes, getting creative with workforce finances as the cost-of-living crisis goes on, or having solutions tailored to where they are in the business cycle – the right choice in technology is paramount.

Whilst it might not be top of the list when it comes to thinking of what technology can help deliver personalised people and business solutions, a modular personalised payroll service can be a handy utility tool to have in these testing times. This is because it’s a service that can easily adapt as a business changes course to meet its’ challenges head-on.

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  • Personalised, adaptive pay without the administrative headache

It’s been heartening to see that in the face of rocketing inflation and costs — hitting the value of take-home pay — many businesses have issued across-the-board pay rises or one-off cost-of-living payments. Each employer stepping up to help out is a great example of businesses personalising pay to meet the acute needs of their workforce.

One great example of that is Aviva. The insurance giant gave out graded one-off inflation-busting bonuses to help staff through the cost of living crisis. Available to anyone earning up to £35,000, the payments ranged from £300 to £1,000. But, to personalise pay in this manner, businesses must have a supporting payroll service.

Cezanne HR’s smart managed payroll solution delivers in this area. With flexibility at its core, the service means you can send off multiple pay runs on different schedules. Useful if you’re planning to get earned wages to staff quicker or change your pay in the face of difficult economic headwinds.

Importantly, this flexibility doesn’t mitigate our compliance process. With ISO27001 certification, secure sign-on capabilities, and a track record of GDPR compliance it means HR can focus solely on people solutions rather than security worries. Safe in the knowledge that our solutions team is on hand at whatever stage of the pay run, keep you in control.

  • Outsource to free up time for more personalised people solutions

As mentioned in the last Cezanne HR payroll blog, the pandemic gave HR a seat at the boardroom table, giving them a leading role in big financial decisions and reshaping work to fit to employees’ increasing demands for work to be personalised to their needs.

However, this additional expectation does pose a dual-pronged challenge: just how can HR create an experience of work tweaked further and further towards what different cohorts of workers want (considered necessary for talent attraction and retention as well as engagement), whilst undertaking this at a time when budgets, resources, and HR staffing numbers might be up for review as well?

Outsourced personalised payroll can be one way forward. With payroll processing a necessity every pay run period, it means data entry, record checks, reports, pay slips, checks, regulation compliance, and pension enrolment must always happen. This can take a lot of time to complete

Luckily, Cezanne HR’s smart-managed personalised payroll solution takes care of all of that — as well as files for the general ledger, bank submissions, annual processing, and all fiddly and individual deductions, from maternity pay to sick leave — meaning HR’s time can be spent figuring out how to keep work personal.

Whether that’s aligning values to employees’ needs, figuring out whether it’s a four-day week or hybrid model that works best, or how to tailor L&D to individual career needs and wants.

  • Modular solutions – not off-the-shelf

Most HR leaders aren’t happy that their current HR technology setup. In fact, according to Mercer’s 2023 HR study, 60% of HR leaders aren’t convinced their HR technology is up to the task of delivering on business goals. Could this be because the market is flooded with off-the-shelf technology and HRIS solutions, that don’t tailor to employer needs?

Cezanne HR, which its managed payroll module sits within, isn’t just another one-size-fits all HR system. Firstly, the smart, managed payroll service doesn’t mean paying for other modular elements that you might not need – such as time tracking, for example. This means you can focus on getting service delivery right with the modules you choose, knowing that with Cezanne HR data is shared between modules – meaning no timely double-entry or checking for mistakes on entry.

In fact, the whole Cezanne HR HRIS has easy-to-use configuration tools built-in, so you have the freedom to flex the system to meet your changing needs – adding or taking away modules as and when the business needs them.

For instance, say your budget has grown and your HR team needs more detailed data analytics to support key decision making. You can add the Insights data analytics module whenever you feel your business requires it, even if it’s not needed right away. Need better career and succession planning support? You can add the dedicated module to help ensure business continuity at a time that makes sense for your organisation.

Pricing also follows that personalised ethos, and the Cezanne HR subscription fee is automatically adjusted each month. You only pay for the headcount and capacity you use, and there’s no extra charge for data storage or day-to-day payroll support. It really is a service that makes every penny count.

  • Personalised people access with top-level security

Finally, it’s worth remembering the demands of people. Employees want the technology they use at work to be as sophisticated – if not more so – than what they have at home. However, a recent Gartner survey found only 1% of employees currently feel like their experience of work, and the technology at work, is akin to that in their personal life.

With Cezanne HR’s personalised payroll product, employees can have access to digital payslips via the single sign-on HRIS system, wherever and whenever they are. This gives them control over their important financial data and, because it uses super-secure Amazon Web services hosting, has a platform uptime higher than 99.9% – meaning they can access their own pay information practically whenever they want.

In addition, with all that data behind a single sign-on, your people can enjoy a frictionless, intuitive digital experience, which is seamlessly updated to ensure the best possible user experience. This gives your people the type of technological access and experience they’d expect elsewhere in their life.

Most importantly though, they can also be safe in the knowledge that as Cezanne HR supports dual authentication, data encryption and regular security testing, information security is built into the heart of the product.


Author bio: Dan Cave is an award-winning HR journalist and editor. He has been reporting in the HR space for over five years and works across the business press.

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