Time and resource can be hard to come by in the world of HR – especially when payroll’s involved!

There are unending administration tasks, high-level business leader expectations as well as regular disruptions: ranging from preparation for tribunals to people strategy pivots as society evolves or deals with major socio-economic, political or health-related events. Even just thinking about this workload is exhausting!

With all that in mind, many in HR look to outsource where they can, from learning and development to recruitment and payroll. Citing time-saving, utilisation of outside expertise, and the economy of scale as reasons why the approach works.

5 things you didn't realise Cezanne HR's smart managed payroll could do

Yet outsourcing, especially payroll, can often provide utilities that go far beyond a simple ‘it helped us free up time in-house’. This is because when a business decides to outsource payroll to a service, such as Cezanne HR’s smart managed payroll solution, designed by a provider who understands the multiplicity of HR’s challenges – they’re not just getting a money-for-time exchange.

Instead, providers such as Cezanne HR can access a service that can help drive efficiency in a variety of ways, rely on expert-led partnerships to drive wins, help employee engagement and provide true data-derived insights, and create flexibility that was perhaps unthought of.

Read on to find out how.

1. Cezanne HR’s Smart Managed Payroll can match your spending needs

Although great managed payroll is so much more than a cost or time-effective service, with HR budgets often in the firing line finances are a sensible place to start. So perhaps the obvious first point is that outsourcing to a managed service can save money on employing a payroll expert, or the extra HR hire to help cover the administration.

Of course, outsourcing also means saving money on record maintenance and pay slip handling but a great service doesn’t stop there. For example, Cezanne HR’s Smart Managed Payroll solution, as a modular part of their modern HRIS platform, has a pricing plan that aligns exactly with where you are as a business. In practice, this means that just because you’ve chosen to manage your payroll it doesn’t mean you have to agree to other HR services from us.

Additionally, providers like Cezanne HR only bill you for the exact number of employees on your payroll and there’s no extra charge for data or document storage. What’s more, Cezanne HR even update your software automatically and for free. This is another element that can save HR people hours, HR spend and drive people team efficiency, allowing the HR team to focus on delivering greatness elsewhere. A surprisingly – yet welcome – matched-to-you service.

2. Cezanne HR’s Smart Managed Payroll is automated and supported

Truly great managed payroll services comes with expert support at any time. For instance, at Cezanne HR, we’re told time and time again that our payroll support team are the reactive, problem-solving experts who will create the space to walk clients through payroll processes, giving them the oversight and control they need at every stage of the pay run.

That kind of dedicated support not only frees up internal HR team resources but also manages risk and plays a centrally important role in change management — for example, by giving in-house practitioners peace of mind if they were to ask questions on how to move to a different pay run timescale or to a multi-company or multi-schedule — which can be extremely useful given the changes and uncertainty that HR teams are now tasked with managing.

What’s more, the Cezanne HR Smart Managed Payroll proposition works in a partnership, flexing to client needs: growing, shrinking, and offering add-on services, such as bank payment submissions, if needed.

Finally, it’s worth noting that a great managed payroll service should automate where possible whilst still allowing for human intervention: whether that’s delivering a new version of the software or calculating expected deductions during pay runs, such as maternity or sick leave. Much more than just a simple outsourcing of admin tasks.

3. Cezanne HR’s Smart Managed Payroll allows for integration

When it comes to technology at work, system administrators, HR practitioners and employees increasingly expect a seamless, consumer-grade experience. They want to access employment policies in the same system where they’d access their payslips and personal documents. At the very least, everything should be accessible via the same interface.

This is important not only for engagement with systems and services that HR is spending on, but also for overall employee engagement; with Gallup data finding that employees who access the latest technology are more engaged and thus more productive.

This is why with Cezanne HR’s managed payroll solution seamlessness and accessibility are built in. As part of the wider Cezanne HR system, it’s accessible for administrators and employees via a secure single sign. It also allows employees to access digital payslips wherever they are and whenever they want.

Furthermore, API and webhooks underpin an open architecture which means Cezanne HR system and modules (including payroll) can connect with other systems not only giving everyone a seamless digital workplace experience but a new lease of life and utility to payroll data, making it valuable for a wide variety of other tasks.

4. Cezanne HR’s Smart Managed Payroll delivers data-centric solutions

Data has become a byword for high-functioning HR in recent years. Functions that utilise data in their practices are often called mature people functions, ones that are better able to deliver on business leader needs. Those that don’t are often lambasted as laggards need to get with the programme.

Luckily for HR, world-class managed payroll solutions often have data utility, security and application at their core. On the security side — important for companies wanting to keep the trust of their employees and not wanting to risk the high fines that can come with breaking data regulations — Cezanne HR’s solution is ISO27001 certified, GDPR compliant and benefits from world-class data encryption amongst other measures.

Whilst security is a must, it’s on the data utility and effectiveness side that managed payroll can help in surprising ways. For starters, administrating around data can be time intensive for HR teams, especially as payroll data requires constant tweaks and changes as employees come and go. Within the Cezanne HR-managed solution, the initial data upload on set-up is not only completed by us but as the solution is a system module, changes and tweaks are reflected wherever they are made. A crucial time saver for everyone.

That means no double entry of data, a boost for accuracy, whilst real-time data access means HR stays in control of payroll processing despite it being outsourced. And, with the ability to connect to Cezanne HR’s Insights module, HR professionals can use their payroll data to inform people analysis, trend prediction and create top-level management reports to help the business thrive.

5. Cezanne HR’s Smart Managed Payroll is flexible

HR is often used to purchasing off-the-shelf solutions. But, a great service can be personalised to your business needs and flex to what you need it to do most. This is a must for any HR teams, who, as businesses grapple with ongoing inflation issues and multiple pivots, often need to react and change how they deliver for staff, sometimes at short notice.

When it comes to payroll, this flexibility and personalisation should come front and centre. Cezanne HR’s Smart Managed Payroll solution allows for multi-company and multi-schedule processing, pay runs can happen on different timescales, and HR can check all data and utilities before anything goes off on a pay run.

Furthermore, with access to payroll experts at any stage, on-hand experts can step in at any stage to answer company-specific questions, meaning solutions are available for whichever quirky way your company operates!

If you want to learn more about Cezanne HR and their managed payroll solution, why not book a personalised demo? Just hit this link to book a session with one of our experts


Author bio: Dan Cave is an award-winning HR journalist and editor. He has been reporting in the HR space for over five years and works across the business press.

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