Cezanne HR’s 2023 User Group Meeting roundup in summary…

  • Cezanne HR’s annual User Group Meeting took place on the 29th November at 15Hatfields in London.
  • Attended by over 100 of Cezanne HR’s clients, there were presentations throughout the day showcasing upcoming product developments and enhancements.
  • In addition, clients also had the opportunity to participate in 1-1 consultations with Cezanne HR’s product experts. The event closed with a fireside chat and the chance for attendees to enjoy drinks and networking with fellow professionals.

The 29th November 2023 saw the return of the ever-popular Cezanne HR User Group Meeting – and this year’s event was bigger than ever!

Along with the usual exclusive sneak peaks of upcoming HR software system releases and enhancements, the Meeting also provided clients an opportunity to engage in 1-1 consultations with Cezanne HR’s product experts. Plus, this year also saw the introduction of a new Fireside Chat: where hot topics in the HR world were discussed and insights shared.

Cezanne HR User Group Meeting 2023 Roundup

All-in-all, it was a fabulous day enjoyed by all. Here’s a rundown of what was discussed on the day and some of the key takeaways.

Cezanne HR User Group Meeting 2023: general business update

The day kicked off with the now-traditional introduction by Alberto Gabbai, owner and CEO of Cezanne HR. In summary, the business continues to go from strength to strength, and this is something that’ll be accelerated thanks to backing from our new investment partners, NorthEdge.

Alberto also highlighted just how much the company has grown in the past 10 years – demonstrated by the charts below. In fact, across many key business areas, the business is thriving!

Growth of Cezanne HR in the past 10 years Cezanne HR User Group Meeting

Despite unfavourable economic conditions and low market confidence, Cezanne HR as a business has continued to succeed; adding new customers every year, and also retaining them for longer, too. As a result, Alberto confirmed we’re perfectly placed to invest heavily into the continued development of the Cezanne HR product, and this will be kicking off with our new inhouse Payroll service launching in 2024.

Alberto closed his introduction by confirming that our continued investment in the Cezanne HR system will also mean our application scope will grow too. Plus, our platform will not be the only aspect of our system that will develop – our list of integrations will also be expanded in the coming weeks and months ahead.

Cezanne HR’s Customer Success update

The next talk of the morning came from Peter Hall, Head of Customer Success at Cezanne HR. Peter introduced his presentation by highlighting the number of customers we now support is the equivalent to the population of Samoa – that’s 225,000 people! This continued growth means the capacity of the support team will be increased accordingly to meet the complex needs of our individual customers.

Peter shone a spotlight on the work the Customer Success Team does behind the scenes. One area which was looked at in detail was the subject of support tickets, and how the Team is now doing a lot more analysis of the requests they are getting. This continued analysis is creating valuable insights for the Team, and leading to more targeted and quicker assistance for customers when required.

Peter also briefly discussed the Success Team’s plans for 2024. These included:

  • Produce further materials assisting on key resources and support best practice to ensure customer get the most from Cezanne HR
  • Increasing automation, response times and efficiency to maintain and improve on the quality of Support customers expect.
  • Improving access to information within Cezanne HR and diversifying/increasing the ways in which customers can reach the Success Team.

He closed his talk by announcing that in 2024, a new customer advocacy programme will be launched called Cezanne Connect. Members will have the unique opportunity to connect with fellow Cezanne HR customers, building a vibrant community where they’ll be able to exchange ideas and insights. Plus, members will be rewarded for their contributions and acts of product advocacy.

Stay tuned for further updates on this in early 2024!

Cezanne HR product enhancement review

Cezanne HR’s Chief Operating Office John Hixon introduced the next talk of the day, which detailed all the product enhancements added in 2023. These included:

  • The launch and continued improvement of the Kudos employee recognition platform
  • Updates to document functionality within Cezanne HR, including eSign and Document viewer
  • Dynamic population of Workspaces
  • New Performance features such as multi-rater and 360-degree feedback
  • System automation improvements
  • New API and integrations – including integrations for Lever, Pinpoint and Hireful
  • Demonstration of the new Compensation Planning module

Customers of Cezanne HR can get a full rundown of all the product enhancements added in 2023 by viewing the presentation slides in the Support portal.

Cezanne HR’s product roadmap

The final talk of the morning gave Cezanne HR customers an exclusive look at the 2024 product roadmap. Whilst much of this information remains exclusive to attendees of the event, here’s some titbits we can share in this article:

  • There was a complete run-down of all the key product enhancements coming to the Cezanne HR system in 2024, including improvements and additions to the Training, Onboarding and Performance modules
  • We’ll be making some large scale enhancements to the Cezanne HR mobile app, which will include biometric pin locking mandatory for all users, more self-service screens, and easier access to the form hub for things like payslips
  • There will also be a series of new workforce collaboration and training integrations added to Cezanne HR over the course of 2024.

Customers of Cezanne HR can get a full rundown of the entire product roadmap by logging into the Cezanne HR Support Portal.

Demos and audience interaction sessions

The afternoon sessions focussed on module demonstrations. This included a ‘Barbenheimer’-themed audience-led session that showcased thematic flexibility within the system, and in-depth presentations on functionality within the Cezanne HR system.

Cezanne HR User Group Meeting 2023 Fireside Chat

There was also a sneak-peak at the brand new in-house Payroll module due to be launched in 2024, plus a closer look at the integration plan for the next 12 months. The day’s sessions ended with a new addition to the day, the Fireside Chat. The session was a panel-led discussion that looked at some of the core issues affecting HR today and the key trends HR can look forward to in 2024.

The day wrapped up with a lively networking session among clients and members of the Cezanne HR team enjoying a well-deserved drink (or two!). It was truly wonderful reconnecting with our clients, catching up on their experiences over the past year, and coming together once more. We look forward to our next user Group Meeting in 2024!

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Paul Bauer is the Head of Content at Cezanne HR. He’s worked within the employee benefits, engagement and HR sectors for over four years, and has won multiple industry awards for his work.

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Paul Bauer

Paul Bauer is the Head of Content at Cezanne HR. Based in the Utopia of Milton Keynes (his words, not ours!) he’s worked within the employee benefits, engagement and HR sectors for over four years. He's also earned multiple industry awards for his work - including a coveted Roses Creative Award.

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